Be top dog: How to get to the top of our ratings

Be Top Dog: How to Getto the Top of The eMail Guide Ratings

Customer testimonials and ratings are powerful marketing tools! I know when I shop online for a service or product, I pay close attention to the user reviews and ratings when making my purchases. Generally I’ve found these ratings and reviews to be quite accurate. People seem to value constructive and thoughtful reviews even if they are not entirely positive. Malicious and thoughtless comments are usually ignored by consumers as noise if the reviews are positive overall.

User Comments

When we we set out to create a robust ratings & review system here @ The eMail Guide, we had some simple, but very important objectives:

  1. Allow the service and solution providers listed in the guide to harness the power of client reviews
  2. Create a rating system which accurately reflected and indicated client satisfaction or lack of same
  3. Give the ratings real value by ensuring that those reviewing services or products owned their comments
  4. Base the ratings on a simple yet effective formula:

Features / Innovation
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Technical Support
Value / ROI

Rating System Example

You may have noticed that ESP, Mail Dog has shot up to the top of our user reviews this week.

Why? Simple, because they asked some of their customers to take five minutes to rate them here @ The eMail Guide! Other solution providers such as Inbox Group, Top Rated by UsersallWEBeMAIL and Sterizon have done the same, either emailing select clients or tweeting them and encouraging them to share their good vibes here.

A few minutes to tweet or email your rabid fans will get you more eyeballs and more traffic via The eMail Guide — try it! You’re customers love you and will be more than happy to dole out some kudos to you here @ The eMail Guide, while helping others in our community make the right choice for their email marketing solutions and products!

This is only the start! If you really want to get some attention and drive some traffic, make sure you take advantage of our Ninja listing option! It’s a no-brainer!

Obviously a lot of you are really dog lovers! Show your puppy love as well as your dislike for email list selling and join EMAPP! Every time you buy and email list a puppy dies!

Every Time You Buy an Email List a Puppy Dies!

Takeaway: A little love from your customers can make you top dog @ The eMail Guide!

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Jeff Ginsberg

Jeff Ginsberg

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