CMA National Convention day two wrap up

CMA National Convention Coverage Day 2

Day one coverage report here

It’s all over and the general feeling is that the new format of the CMA National Convention works! Sure, there’s some bugs to iron out with the flow but, I do believe they are on to something here! Next year a primary goal should be to open up the convention via social media and make that an integral part of the event. Watch for photos and videos here @ The eMail Guide – we are working on them as I type!

Howie Mandel was an inspired addition to this event! Perfect way to end it and thanks to him and our Tweeple, I now know where to buy a really cool pair of blue shoes in Toronto!

While the CMA has provided some good long breaks between sessions for people to share thoughts and ideas regarding  each session, more time for this would always be welcome. As Jeff Ginsberg has observed in the past, the real learning happens in the hallways. Certainly steering away from the old break out format is refreshing.

Hats off to the CMA board and especially the staff and volunteers who haven’t slept much the last couple of weeks but, you couldn’t tell from their upbeat attitudes and helpful enthusiasm these  past few days!

Howie Mandel


  • I’m not conscious of marketing – what I’ve always responded to is what happens around me.
  • I worked at a carpet sales store because I’m colour blind.
  • I guess I have changed my branding every time I’ve changed my job.
  • You have to be conscious of what is going around you. People come up with a path or system that they follow all their life with blinders on. Established early in life, then we stop developing the system and shut the world out.
  • Turned down Deal or No Deal 3 times. He thought he was a comedian and not a game show host. His wife told him he was and idiot and told him to take the gig.
  • Howie spends too much time on decisions and he feels that you can talk yourself out of anything.
  • Be open to opportunity and change – if you are and you take the opportunities, good things will happen.
  • Howie Mandell has changed his brand from carpet salesman > comedian > actor > voice-over artist > game show host.
  • Create the drama, create the suspense – use the tools and talent you have to do this.
  • Deal or No Deal has made $1,000,000,000 to date!
  • That first show standing there with a real person who has all their hopes and dreams involved – Howie was very nervous.
  • Deal or no deal has opened up more doors and more opportunities than anything else he’s ever done.
  • It’s me and two Brits deciding if America has talent. – new show – America’s Got Talent.
  • Howie embraces the whacky characters of entertainment and thinks we are lacking real characters today.
  • I’m not selling myself any differently than when I sold carpet. What you do is what life is about.
  • We’re all artists. Its about being open to new ways and new paths.
  • Life is marketing. Everyone is always marketing and selling themselves.
  • One of my sons wants to follow in my footsteps…he wants to do this…I just don’t know what this is.
  • I don’t think what I do is all that important in the bigger sense of things. My daughter is a teacher – that’s important.
  • Mandel took problem behaviour as a child and turned it into a career as an adult. Everything in life is valuable. Find its place.
  • Brands need to be everywhere your audience is. If you only stick to one or two channels, your brand will die. If you can be cognizant of trends and what people are buying, then you can take advantage of marketing to meet via those trends. The world makes those decisions – you can just observe those trends and take advantage of them.
  • If anyone in marketing has a problem, it’s being closed minded. Don’t stay confined to your systems. Be open
  • Social media technology is ahead of how we monetize that tecnology

Tara Hunt – author of The Wuffle Factor


  • Social media doesn’t scale because it has the social component which is one on one communication.
  • It won’t save your company. You scale by developing a useful experience that listens to the users
  • Craigslist listens to users and so focuses less on bells and whistles and more on making sure people can find what they are looking for and sell what they want to.
  • With only 30 employees Craigslist has more traffic than ebay or
  • @Rogers: instead of hiring more people for twitter why not hire more people to answer your phones?
  • The single biggest influence in our lives is our friends.
  • Trust is at an all time low for consumers.
  • 18 percent of people trust what they read in ads as truth.
  • 51 percent trust in businesses to do the right thing but, then again, 42 percent of people believe in ghosts.
  • Companies are using Social Media like big gross bandages.
  • Most businesses are community tourists.
  • 89% of people expect to be able to interact with the brand.
  • Foget social media strategies think people centric biz strategies.
  • Forget about influencers – think enthusiasts.
  • Forget campaigns – think about learning cycles.
  • Your social media strategy wont’ save you – knowing your customers will.

Terry O’Rielly

Terry O’Rielly, a marketing legend and author of “The Age of Persuasion”, spoke about just that subject and made the point that a bit of friction in the process makes it work better. He offered several examples from the past.


  • Adding some minor friction (for example to the unpacking or preparation process) can actually work well for a product. Consumers want to be involved even if the product is an instant one.
  • One second radio ad won a Gold Lion award at Cannes a year ago. In Norwegian this ad said: Guinness Book of World Records. Not only did it promote Guinness but it generated a record entry in the book of records for the shortest radio add.
  • Marketers are social anthropologists – our job is to understand human behavoir
  • Ultimate goal is to create the easiest, fastest most bump free path to a sale.
  • Understand the nature of desire and get in front of that.
  • If we don’t feel pain, we don’t believe we’re begin healed. J&J put alcohol in a cream to make it sting.
  • Clairol gave credibility to a rinse product by adding to the instructions that one should leave it in for 30 minutes when it really only took 1 minute to work. That’s what they were used to from salons.
  • Friction is a powerful tool of persuasion. Only the smartest and most insightful marketers use friction to make a sale.
  • Online shoppers prefer multi- step process for check out because it makes them feel more secure.
  • In western cultures choice is a way to exercise control over your environment.
  • People will only fiddle with something (product) for about 20 minutes before giving up.
  • People will buy a wider range of goods in a closed space. The more space, the less they will buy.
  • Goldilocks strategy: People always choose the option in the middle. Put what you want people to choose in between a high and low.
  • How do pilots prevent mistakes? They use checklists. Surgeons adopted this and mistakes plunged by 80%.
  • Only 1/5 of surgeons adopted checklists, yet 95% said they would want a surgeon operating on them to complete one.
  • Study the Ying-Yang symbol and you will see while it represents harmony, it also represents friction.
  • Used correctly at right time, a little friction in the process can slow everything down.  That’s more time I can spend with potential customer, the better chance I might convince you to buy something.
  • If you ever are looking to make people believe or even move a mountain…a little friction is what you need.
  • Perhaps Marry Poppins was wrong.  Maybe a spoonful of sand as opposed to sugar is what you need.

Ray Zahab

Ultra runner, Explorer and extreme athlete, Ray Zahab, gave an inspiring talk about turning his life around and taking control. A former pack-a-day smoker, Ray went from that to ultra running in just a few years.

Ray Zahab spends his time now trekking across the world, pushing boundaries and connecting with students to inspire and educate.


  • When Ray ran across the Sahara, he crossed 7500 KMs over 111 days and had the luxury of just 2 showers – now that’s extreme!
  • A true belief in one’s abilities frees one from limitations. Believe, work hard at it, achieve.
  • Believe!

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