Corporate Email Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Spam by Zee Fakier @yazurd

Corporate Email Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Spam by Zee Fakier @yazurd

Corporate Email Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Spam

Email marketing is not merely the retired pensioner of the online realm. Email, moreover, binds every particle element of a digital marketing package and fuses online and offline better than any other.

General consensus when it comes to digital marketing (and specifically email marketing) is that the funkier and stylish brands do much better than corporate brands. Presumably, this is due to the fact that they are allowed more freedom than their corporate counterparts.

If we think of newsletters from a financial services company, most of us envision a dreary call-to-action on a risk coverage policy. The subject line alone would disinterest us: “Get better rates on risk coverage”. The content meanders along about how you could lose a limb at any second. And rather than encourage you to consider their product, it almost just bullies and frightens the consumer into believing that it is a necessary precaution. This alone induces feelings of predetermined apprehension.

So how does a traditional corporate company approach the digital marketing sphere? How do they strategize without losing their business ethic but still cater to a market that’s difficult to crack?

Perhaps just a loosening-of-the-tie, if you will. There is a place for conformity and formal tactics. But a more trendy approach to these endeavours would not hurt public perception.

Certain companies seem to get it all wrong. They try to create a completely different online voice – one that does not align itself to other aspects of their business marketing strategy. There is a certain middle path that is required.

How to Attract Customers Through Email Marketing:

  • Maintain a business-toned email

Just because using shorthand texts and throwing out traditional grammar works for hip shoe manufacturers or energy drinks doesn’t mean it will work for corporates too. Stick to well written and grammatically correct language. It is those who make proper use of language skills that earn the reputation within their fields.

  • Emphasise saving time and money

Having a quality product is a huge advantage, but having a quality product and service that can increase productivity and cuts costs for a consumer will always gain more ground. Corporates can afford to show a more caring side that also shows the benefit for a consumer. Relate this back to the financial example above which was founded in creating a state of fear.

  • Show personality

Clients don’t want to interact with spambots or information-overloaded newsletters. Show a human side that empathises rather than sympathises with customers. Sympathy can be replicated; empathy cannot. Relating to a consumer is a powerful tool that is often underused by corporates who seek an online identity. Give the client something to relate to.

  • Quality above quantity

The biggest mistake is the approach of impersonal email blasting. Sure blasts are distributed to many clients but they are hardly the bunch to open a newsletter or click through on your content. Taking time to carefully draft a quality, content-driven newsletter would increase the open rate dramatically. Focusing on a handful of great emails as opposed to 100 somewhat passable ones is a far more effective route to take.  And it doesn’t hurt to entertain your clients while doing so!

  • Maintain core strategies

Even though corporates might be marketing to a different audience and the style and platform has changed, their core tone and strategies should not falter. The online voice should merely be an extension of the business approach and should still align with its core. Don’t quite get what I am trying to say here?

Most already know this, but where the delinquency intervenes is the primary application of the core strategies. How to relate these to your digital and email marketing is easier said than done.

  • If we look at Obama’s 2008 campaign, he easily achieved this. We all look at presidential campaigns as rather slow in following trends with regards to marketing. However, Obama’s content campaigns mastered the art of content marketing, speaking to audiences on relevant topics but keeping them entertained at the same time.

On May 10, Obama, raised $15 Million US at a dinner held at George Clooney’s estate. However, only $5 million came from the rich and famous, $10 million was raised by having people enter a raffle to attend the dinner.

We raised a lot of money because everybody loves George. They like me, they love him. And rightfully so. He seems to occupy a constant state of grace, and uses his extraordinary talents on behalf of something truly important.” ~ Barack Obama

The basic element for larger companies is not always to offer small specials and little savings but every so often to throw in a life-changing element or a surreal opportunity for their consumer to become a part of.

Corporates That Get Email Marketing Right

In 2011, Jefferson National, a financial services company won the best email message by the Internet Advertising Competition and Summit Creative Awards.

With a decidedly complex product, an extremely competitive marketplace and a reluctant target market with a strong distaste to the product, Jefferson National designed a smart and interesting email campaign. Their “Top 10 Reasons” email engaged recipients with an animated page that featured an interactive demonstration of the “Top 10 Reasons to do Business with Jefferson National”. Each reason linked to a distinctive page on its website, filled with facts and material as to what sets them apart.

The email showcased a trend many find alluring. Top 10 lists are always amusing and relating this to their business was simply entertaining as well as slowly winning over the consumer. It boasted a 24% open rate, which in email marketing terms is a massive score. Jefferson National clearly showed that corporates simply don’t need to hard-sell. Promoting an entertaining way of persuading the client to make use of your services is definitely not frowned upon. Quite frankly, it’s much encouraged. The trick is to do so without losing a business ethic.

Essentially the level of confidence and professionalism needs to be maintained while spicing up your email marketing with content relevant to a customer and what the company is trying to achieve. It simply comes down to knowing the audience, what is relevant to them and how to interest them by keeping them entertained at the same time.

Often companies forget: they are vying for a moment of their consumers’ time that is often flooded with tens of other tabs and windows with more captivating content.

Takeaway: Email marketing for corporate companies does not need to be boring and info-driven. Political email marketing by President Obama has shown how productive and lucrative it can be to get involved and really entice a consumer into what they want. Entertainment and practicality needs to merge for campaigns to be successful.

Meet the author:

Zee Fakier

Zee Fakier

Zee Fakier is a communications specialist with an erudite swagger at GraphicMail, an international email and mobile marketing service provider. His professional career in media communications has seen him in all media platforms including radio and online mainly. He holds a world record on social media and is known to philosophize for food. Follow Zee on Twitter – @yazurd

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  • Karen
    October 5, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Wow, really inspiring content. I need to make use of some of the points you raise. Sometimes we as corporate companies merely think of ROI, but we need to consider our public perception too. Kudos Zee on this article.

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