Email Marketing Ideas For The Holidays: What You Must Know To Get High Response Rates And Increase Sales This Season

Email Marketing Ideas For The Holidays

Compared to any other time, people splurge more money during the holidays. In fact, the statistics for holiday eCommerce highlight that there’s a lot of revenue to be made during this time.

Experts predict that the global holiday eCommerce sales is projected to reach a total value of over 910 billion dollars in sales this year.
Holiday eCommerce sales in the US market is projected to generate around 210 billion dollars in sales.
As can be inferred from the statistics, this is the time of the year when people are generous with their wallets. So, if you are an eCommerce store owner, and you are not capitalizing on this opportunity, you are missing out big time.

One of the best ways to market yourself during the holidays is through emails. And in this blog post, you’re going to learn some profit-producing holiday email marketing ideas.

Planning Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

The first and last thing you need to know is that if you want to generate big revenue during the holidays you need to plan for it. Now, how do you go about planning for a holiday email marketing campaign?

First things first. Most of the money made during the holidays is during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But it wouldn’t be a smart move to try to make the majority of your sales during that period.

That’s because, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the people on your email list are going to be bombarded with emails left and right.

And this means you would be vying for attention in their mailbox if you only mail them during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Instead, what successful eCommerce companies do is start rolling out their offers around one month before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The upside to doing so is that it allows companies to get invaluable information on how their email subscribers respond to their offers. This in turn helps companies get an intuitive understanding of what product lines are most profitable, and further allows them to take those insights and develop new products for the masses.

Anyhow, as you can understand, you’ll have to send a lot of emails, but you have to be strategic about it.

The First Step— Sending Good Emails

If you want to make a lot of money during the holidays, you have to send people great emails. Ones that get opened, and make people want to pull out their credit cards and order.

Now, many of you might be clueless with respect to how a good email might look like:

And that’s completely understandable.

Now, if you are looking for holiday email marketing ideas, here are a few sites to help you with that.
Sources of inspiration: is a great website where you can look into what kind of email marketing campaigns people have sent in the past. is a search engine where you can look up ideas for your email marketing campaigns Brainstorming email marketing campaigns can prove to be quite the challenge at times. Mailcharts makes the process easy. The go-to tool for eCommerce email marketing is Klaviyo. And, they have their own library of emails where you can access those tools.

Success Criteria For Holiday Email Marketing

There’re a few things that can dramatically improve your chances of success from email marketing.

First things first.

Clean Up Your List

Clean up your list because you want to make sure that your emails are getting opened. Strategic segmentation would be the way to go.

Additionally, it would probably be a great idea to make exclusive offers to your engaged list.

At the same time, when a customer buys from you during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, shipping times can vary. It can take up to 3 months for the ordered products to be shipped to their homes.

This is why it’s so important that you let the customer know that the order has been received, and give them an approximate time frame within which they can expect to receive their ordered product.

This sets clear expectations and also gives them peace of mind.

Create Great Offers

In copywriting circles, one of the more popular maxims that we know of is that:

“40% of success in marketing boils down to having the right list, the next 40% is dependent on having the right offer, and 20% of success is dependent on the copy.”

As an eCommerce store owner, you already have the right list in place.

What you will want to do is sit together with your marketing copywriter, and strategize on offers you want to send out to the people on your list.

Killer offers appeal to emotion, and often promises transformation in a given area of the buyer’s life. They also often include time-sensitive discounts.

A really great way to present your offers to your buyers would be to sell them redeemable gift cards with a specific dollar value. This gives them the flexibility to buy any item of choice from your store.

What’s more, many customers often end up not using their gift cards, and this means your store gets to make money for basically nothing.

Gift Guides

Holidays are a time for gifts.

People love to make their loved ones feel special with gifts. And by creating a gift guide, you can make it easier for people to buy from your store.

In addition, last-minute shoppers find it especially helpful if they have a gift guide around to help them make quick purchase decisions.

For instance, you can create a gift guide for Halloween, one for Christmas and one for New Year.

Creating A Holiday Promo Calendar

In addition to the above, creating a holiday promo calendar would help you map out effective email marketing campaigns throughout the year.

A great way to stay informed on the various holidays that might be relevant to your audience would be by signing up for the National Day Calendar.

Segment audiences based on past performance.

Another high ROI approach to email marketing would be to segment your list based on performance. You can segment your list depending on how often they open your emails.

You can put buyers on one list, and non-buyers in another.

Additionally, for obvious reasons, you’ll want to promote your best-selling products to your list.

At the same time, make sure to let people know about new products in your inventory. Because people have a soft corner for new stuff, mentioning new products and new offers is without a doubt a great way to generate more revenue for your eCommerce business.

Create Customer Personas

Email marketing works best when you are selling to a specific group of people. That’s exactly why you’ll want to create different customer personas for your business.

In your email copy, sprinkle in words that offer a personal appeal to the customers.

Make Use Of Referral Marketing And Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of referral marketing apps out there. It would make a lot of sense to grow your customer base with strategic referral marketing.

Create offers and incentivize the people on your email list to share your email content. For successful signups, you can offer them redeemable coupon codes, gift cards, or exclusive offers.

Other Sources Of Inspiration For Holiday Email Marketing

Many influencers often partner up with eCommerce brands and help them generate more sales during the holidays. So, if you are looking for inspiration on what to send to people on your list, studying your target audience on Instagram would make a lot of sense.

And, you can then map out an email copy strategy based on that.

Final Word on Holiday Email Marketing

And with that, I would like to bring this article piece to a wrap. It is my hope that some of the ideas shared in this piece will help you make more money in the holiday season. If you loved this piece, don’t forget to give this a share.

That being said, I happen to be an ecom email copywriter myself, and if you need an extra hand to help you out with emails during the holidays, I’ve got your bases covered. Learn more about what I do here.

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