eMailRadio Presents: There’s a Video in my eMail Show with @bombbomb

eMailRadio Presents: There's a Video in my eMail Show

eMailRadio presents The ‘There’s a Video in my eMail’ Show

Live at 1PM EDT on Tuesday, June 7

Please join us on Tuesday June 7th at 1PM for eMailRadio as Jeff Ginsberg hosts our guests Conor McCluskey and Rory Carlyle of  BombBomb to discuss the latest trends in video email technology.

The “There’s a Video in my eMail” Show will explore why video eMail wasn’t so popular until recently. In fact, video in an email was often considered an eMail Marketing liability! Traditional formats – Flash, AVI and MPEG – are still considered taboo as mediums to be imbedding into or attaching to your email message.

Our expert guests will discuss their knowledge of the problem and share their magic ingredients when it comes to video email marketing..

Did you know . . . ?

  • 80% of US Internet users viewed online video in April of 2011, according to YouTube.
  • 2012 Presidential candidates will routinely use online video to influence voters.
  • Branding ad dollars are migrating from TV to online video.
  • 9 % of marketing executives interviewed use video in e-mail today and 21 % plan on using it in the next 12 months.
  • Less than 16% of email marketing respondents used video in 2009, 40% used dynamic content in 2010, and over 80% now plan to use video in email campaigns.
  • User-generated video contests keep costs down, raise brand awareness, and dramatically increase leads.
  • Marketers improve search visibility with video and image results.
  • Very simple video improves email newsletter and webinar results.

Video is taking a strategic role to enhance eMail Marketing results. We should be serving it up to our eMail client subscribers in the best possible way.

Join us at 1PM EST to listen in, call, and participate as our guest experts share the video email methods that work best. This is your opportunity to learn new strategies from the Ninjas in the video eMail Marketing industry and to share your own tips and questions. We invite you to join us LIVE to give and get from the eMail Guide community.

Want to share a video eMail Marketing tip? When you share in advance, we make sure to mention it on the show: [email protected].

Please call in or Skype 1-347-637-3461. When you participate, all eMailRadio listeners benefit, so please join us. Call in or email your ideas for The ‘There’s a Video in my eMail’ Show!

CALL IN Tuesday at 1 PM EDT and join our LIVE broadcast.

About our guests:

Conor McCluskey | Founder and CEO
Conor has more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. He co-founded a service company in the multi-family housing industry and grew its annual revenue from $50K to $1.7M. In just 4 years, he took a set of outdoor advertising accounts and grew the revenue 660%. He is also an owner in a vineyard and winery called “Proper” in Walla Walla, Washington and will release his first vintage in the summer of 2011. In addition, his number one passion and purpose is raising money for the development of small businesses and communities in Kenya.

Rory Carlyle | Director of Marketing
Rory’s skill set smells like gumbo. His background contains a little bit of everything – sales, marketing, code development, graphic design, SEO, dish washing. With boundless energy and a slight case of ADD, Rory attempts to conquer the interactive world one distraction at a time. You’ll find him at his desk quoting movies, frustrating his peers and tricking everyone into believing he’s actually working. When he’s not in the office being a roadblock to productivity, you’ll find him breaking his Jeep or throwing his Nike irons into the water hazards of the local golf course. Clients that put up with Rory have been: UBM, HDI, ICMI, Kraft, Siegel+Gale, SpringCM, Colorado Ski, CodeBaby, and a few others.

Meet the author:

Jeff Ginsberg

Jeff Ginsberg

20+ year email marketing veteran who wants to help NewBees BEEcome eMail Marketing Ninjas. Want to contribute to our blog? We are always looking for eMail Marketing Ninjas to come share their knowledge and help NewBees create and send better eMail messages.

Connect with: Jeff Ginsberg

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