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Just Released: Email Marketing Handbook 2nd Edition - 6 steps to accelerate performance

To accelerate the performance of your email marketing program, you need to go beyond best practices and marketing intuition. Only with a measurable and repeatable methodology can you effectively engage your customers from introduction to conversion.

According to MarketingSherpa’s new Email Marketing Handbook 2nd Edition, this can be broken down into six actionable steps, giving you a methodical way to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your email communications.

  1. Identify impact and purpose – Assess and prioritize placement in the path to purchase where email can have the most impact on your bottom line
  2. Email marketing integration – Learn the evolving best practices to leverage the power of social media for sharing content and generating list growth
  3. Content creation – Learn the three keys to relevancy: contagious content, segmentation and real-time communications
  4. Quality list growth – Develop a strategy to build a quality list of brand evangelists for your company based on your resources and target audience
  5. List hygiene and monitoring deliverability statistics – Know your relationship with ISPs and how your reputation affects your deliverability success
  6. Testing and optimization – Understand what works for your organization and your customers to continuously test and optimize your email messages

This 252-page handbook helps guide marketers through a step-by-step process to elevate their email program results. You’ll also receive worksheets and exercises designed to help you prioritize and fine tune your message when adding lifecycle communications or promoting the latest mobile app.

Our goal is to have this handbook become your trusted resources for executing meaningful email communications.

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Case Studies and Insights Included in the Handbook:

  • How Microsoft used triggered email to increase or 800% and CTR 2,100%
  • iPhone-targeted landing pages boost conversion rate 40%
  • MarketingSherpa’s six steps to accelerating email marketing performance
  • How Kodak added 33% more email subscribers and 53% more YouTube fans
  • Sign-up ad campaign increases email database 300% among target audience
  • Anti-newsletter strategy nurtures $1.5 million in leads in 4 months at Citrix
  • How cutting a house list 95% helped double sales
  • 6 tactics to leverage social check-in to grow email lists and improve engagement
  • 3-part triggered series generates 53% click-to-conversion rate
  • Growing Email Lists with Social Media: KFC’s Facebook tool adds subscribers
  • 5 tactics to engage and convert smartphone users
  • Reformat, Reuse, Recycle: 5 strategies to stretch your marketing content
  • Segmenting a database and delivering more targeted content
  • How JetBlue’s automated triggers get 1,640% more revenue-per-email
  • How to use SMS and relevant content to add opt-ins

Here’s a Summary of the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Email’s sphere of influence (pg. 11-18)
  • Chapter 2: Identify impact and purpose (pg. 19-56)
  • Chapter 3: Measurement and results (pg. 57-68)
  • Chapter 4: Integrate email into the mix (pg. 69-90)
  • Chapter 5: Produce relevant content (pg. 91-122)
  • Chapter 6: Developing and keeping quality lists (pg. 123-155)
  • Chapter 7: Deliverability and legal compliance (pg. 156-176)
  • Chapter 8: Executing engaging email campaigns (pg. 177-194)
  • Chapter 9: Testing and optimization (pg. 195-206)
  • Appendix and Research Library: Marketing and Optimization Glossary of Terms (pg.217-252)

For more information on the handbook, click here to download a free excerpt.

P.S. As MarketingSherpa newsletter subscriber, you can save $100 off the regular price of the Email Marketing Handbook 2nd Edition. But hurry – this offer ends on Feb. 17.

Meet the author:

Jeff Ginsberg

Jeff Ginsberg

20+ year email marketing veteran who wants to help NewBees BEEcome eMail Marketing Ninjas. Want to contribute to our blog? We are always looking for eMail Marketing Ninjas to come share their knowledge and help NewBees create and send better eMail messages.

Connect with: Jeff Ginsberg

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