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Below you’ll find comments and quotes we’ve mined from the tweets we saw fly by this past week from MarketingSherpa’s eMail Summit in Miami.  While not all of them might be considered “pure gold”, every single one of them is a great conversation starter and we think you should be passing this around your office and having those conversations.

Day 1

  • “Clarity trumps persuasion.”
  • Make sure headlines on your landing pages state your value proposition.
  • What is the optimal frequency for your email campaigns? Are you testing it?
  • You can’t always go by best practices you have to test!
  • People buy from people not websites or emails.
  • Optimize sequins of thoughts that make them want to buy.
  • Clearly communicate offer.
  • Use quantifiable statements to increase conversions.
  • I think “alerts” is better than “newsletter” conversion is all about the cognitive process.
  • “Only use images if they add value or guides your visitors to relevant content.”

Day 2

  • is seeing open rates around 50% and CTR around 46% with its lifecycle email marketing campaigns.
  • Success with email engagement depends on relevance of the content.
  • That firsthand knowledge of your members is key to lifecycle marketing keeps the cycle going.
  • doesn’t automatically opt subs into increased frequency; that “would be presumptuous.” They get permission.
  • Email tip: poll users of what they want in newsletters.
  • We marketers value analyst research content way more than our prospects. They want to hear from industry peers.
  • IDG Research: Name of sender affects open rates twice as much as the subject line.
  • changes frequency based on stage. Weekly for conception, daily during pregnancy, weekly post-birth.
  • email markets 100% based on lifecycle. Over 50% of their readers come back to the site at least once per week.
  • Order and shipping confirmation emails stay in your customers’ inbox a long time. Use it to your advantage.
  • Lifecycle email marketing can be consumer stage, relationship stage or both.
  • What drives open rates? Current need AND known sender.
  • Top challenges for email marketers: 1. Differentiation in the Inbox 2. Channels are exploding. Must make email conversational.
  • Relevance is more important in garnering a response than timing. Timing only improves the effects of relevance.
  • Good advice from Dell – measure (&optimize) the abandon rate on Pref Center! Make it clean, clear, simple.
  • Do you want to grow your email list? Make sure your email sign-up callout is above the fold on your website.
  • Dell reduced email preference center bounce rate by 24% by breaking it into 2 pages and streamlining.
  • Dell got #email promo space on home page – incr. email subs 38%+ (IC: subs are 1st step; also have to engage).
  • List scrub reduced list by about 50%. Combined w/ targeted content increased actual people to site by over 7k.
  • Treat your email program like a product, ya gotta sell it!
  • Welcome emails hits audience at most receptive point. Great time to establish relationship!
  • Indiana Tourism Board cut list size by 1/2 through re opt-in campaign, but program overhaul boosted clicks from 791 to 8,150!
  • Indiana created 3 newsletters: discounts, events & trip ideas. Then asked all subs to re-opt in to the list(s) of their choice
  • Survey ur subscribers as part of strategy. Don’t assume u know the answer.
  • Find out how to segment your audience by asking them.
  • Indiana Tourism asked subs interest in type, subject, frequency of emails. Looked to segments to increase relevance.
  • Only 11% of 500 Retailers have an abandoned cart program.
  • Retention is the new acquisition – Joseph Jaffe.
  • S&S doesn’t assume a catalogue request is an opt-in. They explicitly offer to subscribe folks in the confirmation
  • Nice example of email as CS tool – S&S email encourages people to start a livechat to get Q’s answered.
  • When AirTran sends more than 3 email per week, unsub rate goes up by 4x. So important to test.
  • S&S gets 1/3 of their revenue from abandoned cart emails. Clearly there is a revenue opportunity to re-engage w/site visitors.
  • Carolyn Nye of S&S emphasizes that a welcome email is like a job interview. Tell more about your company & look good-grt pt.
  • Triggered email campaigns: make recent behavior memorable and balance promotion vs information – be smart
  • Trigger campaigns aren’t just for driving sales. Keep customers engaged. Change behaviours.
  • Newsletter has one main message with up to three supporting messages.
  • If your sales team is following up on nurtured leads, give them relevant/related talking points to use.
  • Lead nurturing supports the conversation of the buying cycle. Focus on viable leads, not your whole database.
  • B2B multi-modal lead nurturing, find the human touch that will aid the buying process ppl buy from ppl not businesses.
  • Every 1% of retension = $5mill for AirTran.
  • 80% of marketing leads get lost,ignored or discarded.
  • AirTran welcome email gets 3x opens of typical newsletter (welcome is critical; when did you last look at yours?).
  • After looking at a billion emails over a variety of content a CTA above the fold has no corrolation to CTR.
  • The REAL role of social media is retention, not acquisition.
  • how much time do you spend trying to aquire new customers vs. retaining existing customers?
  • “Email is certainly not dead, but is a vital component of the flip the funnel theory.”
  • 50% of the content shared on the internet right now is shared via email.
  • “Customer Service doesn’t stop at 5pm on a Friday.”
  • Q from audience: does this social media stuff apply to B2B? A: Absolutely. Lowest hanging fruit is for B2B SMBs.
  • Don’t take email for granted! It needs to be elevated and vital to flipping the funnel.
  • Outlook for 2010 e-marketing – make a commitment to customer conversations
  • Web sites that don’t engage customers R dead (or worthless).
  • “Email is like a beautiful dog. it will always be there … a marketers best friend.”
  • SM is an oxymoron or perhaps the real morons are those misusing it. People just want to talk to people.
  • Formalize a new customer activation model. Incentivize them to create content, persuade others.
  • Evangelists = the intersection of customers and influencers.
  • “Time to spurn the concept of churn, what’s the point in fishing if your net is full of holes” – Jaffe
  • Marry customer experience with word of mouth – Find the advocates and evangelists.
  • Step 1: Unify inbound and outbound service. Step 2: Marry customer experience w/ Word of Mouth.
  • it is unacceptable to lose even a single customer. [email protected]
  • customer service can be a revenue generator. People will pay for a better experience.
  • All customers are equal. But some are more equal than others…they have a louder voice!
  • Quality over quantity. How many people on your email list purchase and then purchase again? Or engage and then engage again?
  • @jaffejuice believes you absolutely have to reward and incentivize people to share positive experiences with others.
  • Adding extras for customers drives revenue. Provide more opportunities for your existing customers to engage and purchase.
  • Jaffe predicts in 3-5 years, all meaningful brands will have a customer-centric community.
  • Jaffe as told by Seth Godin “Turn the funnel into a megaphone”.
  • ADIA Acknowledgment, dialogue, interest attention. Grow the existing base along the way.
  • Why spend so much money on new customers. It’s out of date. It’s linear. It’s open. It’s incomplete. It’s oversimplified.
  • 4 levels of engagement & activation product, Brand, Experiential, Communal.
  • What’s wrong with the traditional funnel?Very acquisition focused? Very lopsided and out of proportion
  • Don’t take your customers for granted. Reward, incentivize and thank them for their business.
  • 12% of Coke customers responsible for 80% of their revenue. 6% of Diet coke; 3% of Coke Zero
  • 75% of @zappos business is return customers. Retention. Retention. Retention.
  • Don’t *end* with the customer purchase; begin with it.
  • Are we just rearranging deck chairs on the same sinking ship? Or can we focus on building a better boat?
  • “You have to *earn* the right to get permission.”
  • Goal of email isn’t to buy things. It’s to generate a click. Landing page makes the sale
  • Don’t ask them to kiss you if you haven’t even been on a date yet.
  • 49% of Twitter users report purchasing off of an email.
  • You have 7 seconds to communicate what and why.
  • Success roadmap for your email: What should the reader do? Why should they do it? Get them to the website.
  • Far too much unsupervised thinking translates to losing customers!
  • 1-800-Flowers saw a 61.42% lift in revenue over the control by simplifying their email design down to 1 offer.
  • Optimization of email does not happen on the email or landing page, but rather in the recipient’s mind…
  • More frequent #email generates more near-term revenue, but can have negative effects on brand and long-term revenue.
  • Is the relationship between email and social parasitic or symbiotic?
  • 71% of marketers say competition w/social media for time/attention is a challenge for 2010.

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