Our favourite eMail marketing posts from 2009


Yesterday, we posted the top 10 eMail marketing posts from the year as chosen by you and WOW did we get a lot of people checking it out and tweeting about it! This kind of response really makes the effort worthwhile and we thank you for all your support over the past year!

We also want to thank all the bloggers here and around the blogosphere and all the tweeple who have contributed posts or inspired us this past year! Today I’m posting my top picks of posts from the past year and I hope you enjoy the look back at some of my favourites.

Happy New Year!

Jeff Ginsberg,
Chief eMail Officer
The eMail Guide

Happy holidays

Fun, different and out of the box while still having a sincere and (hopefully) heart warming message.

#Follow Friday

We all like a lil shoutout don’t we? Fun and off the beaten path is how I’d describe this and we’ll be doing more of it. We like to be different here at The eMail Guide even if our moms wish we weren’t.

Email is not dead: just ask any 9 year old

Mark came out of his element as writer and he embraced the social media aspect to prove a point and share a bit of his world with us. Of course, the video was damn funny too.

Email look books

Great inspiration source and beautiful work should be recognized.


The imagery spoke to me. SXSW is not new but, in the world of online technology has created a lot of buzz and we think it will be a favourite of thought leaders who want to mind share – besides who doesn’t want to party in Austin?

Great free eMail marketing options

Love that four letter word: FREE! It’s great to see ESPs step up and offer something of such value to the community.

Welcome aboard port 25

Our first sponsor has proven to us that we continue to provide value to the community by showing support to same.

Ten things Sesame Street can teach us about eMail marketing

This is the bread and butter of childhood education. Sesame Street, an enduring brand which has proven that building relationships and trust is key to almost everything we do. Some of our most important lessons are learned when we are young enough to be fans of this show.

Thank goodness for people who don’t grow up and remind the rest of us that maybe we shouldn’t have either.

Where does your email go?

Where does it go? Chris shed light on the mechanics of email delivery and the deeper our understanding of how things work, the better we can do our jobs.

The throttle back option

Relevant and timely this post asked some important questions and as marketers we would be well advised to examine this option for our campaigns.

eMail glossary from EmailBrain

It’s nice to have friends like the EmailBrain. It’s even nicer to have friends such as these who share. We appreciate them allowing us to offer this kind of information which is critical for people in eMail marketing.

eMail – I’m not quite dead yet

The coolest thing for any writer or editor is to jump right into an important conversation and participate or even better, generate one. We experienced both with our posts about the WSJ column claiming eMail was dead and that’s a buzz.

How generation wired views communication

I learned a lot about our new editor Jim Ducharme on this one. Editors love to bounce thoughts around a room to test their logic/arguments and Jim takes that to a whole new level. While he was formulating this post, Jim used the office as his own personal mental handball court.

Google has nothing on MailChimp Labs

MailChimp created some great apps and offered them up to the community. It begs the question for all of us: what are we giving back to our community? I started The eMail Guide to give back to the community and share wisdom.

Giving back to the community you do business with is the best way to establish yourself as a leader within it.

Outlook is a poor tool for email marketing

Using Outlook for eMail marketing is akin to trying to drive nails into concrete with a banana.

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Jeff Ginsberg

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