Review: Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide by Econsultancy

Econsultancy - Email Marketing Platforms Buyer's Guide 2010

Review of Email Marketing Platforms Buyer’s Guide

Econsultancy of Great Britain has put together a 226-page buyer’s guide for those interested in email marketing. Released in October 2010 with profiles of 25 leading email service providers (ESPs) primarily in the UK, the guide examines this marketing sector’s current issues and trends.

Best practices in the ESP industry included in the guide pertain to all locales, as do the tips on how to go about choosing a supplier. The timely (annual) updates ensure the validity of the buyer’s guide contents.

Compared with other industry guides and service provider reviews, the information contained in this document is a true value, with a cost ($350) one-third to one-quarter that of others on the market. You also can upgrade to a yearly membership for a minimal increase ($395, or $45 more) and get the added value of Econsultancy’s broader services. We consider this a bargain for the broadly applicable email marketing information you will receive.

What will you get from this guide?

The one-size-fits-all email approach to marketing is evolving into a responsively specialized customer-centric one, as more and more businesses prioritize their email strategy. This guide demonstrates that maximizing your customer connections through best practices of email marketing is today’s ideal marketing approach.

Beginning with a look at the market value of the ESP sector, the guide provides a close evaluation of some key trends:

  • Strategic use of email
  • Growth through social media
  • Personalization through multichannel data integration
  • Training and education
  • Reduction of inbox clutter

You also will find the ROI of incorporating best practices into your email marketing strategy along with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the email sector. Internal links are provided to other related reports and documents that delve more deeply into the nuances of effective ESPs.

Costs and pricing models of various service levels, tips for finding the right ESP for your business, and pitfalls you may encounter in delivery are all discussed. The guide gives you solid selection criteria, applicable throughout the industry, for the ideal ESP match for your company.

Who will benefit from this information?

If your organization is looking for an ESP or reviewing your current one, the information contained in this guide is an excellent resource. It is a good tool for analysts or suppliers researching the email marketing sector. The case studies, recommendations from trusted sources, and anecdotal learning experiences will inform all readers interested in ESPs.

What are some other comparative resources?

For comparison shopping, two other comprehensive guides are also valid references.

John Caldwell of Red Pill Email compiled the Email Vendor Features and Functions Guide, 2010, a “resource to help you understand the feature sets of 24 email marketing solutions providers that range from slightly beyond NewBee all the way up to Ninja”. When you buy his guide, John gives you the perk of 30 minutes of individual consultation.

Authors from Forrester Research reviewed fifteen vendors against 69 criteria in the Forrester Wave ™: Email Marketing Providers, Q4 2009. They identified eight narrowly separated leaders in the field, all innovative and committed to the advancement of client education and industry sophistication.

The Top Email Service Providers reviewed in the buyers guide

Adestra ExactTarget Shift Click – a Lateral Group Company
Communicator Corp Experian CheetahMail Silverpop
dbg Lyris smartFOCUS
dotMailer MailPerformance UK SpinnakerPro
eCircle Neolane StrongMail
e-Dialog Newsweaver
Emailcenter UK Profusion
Emailvision UK Ltd Pure360
emarsys RedEye
Epsilon International Responsys

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