Top 12 Animated Emails of 2010 by Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

Top 12 Animated Emails

Here are my 12 picks – in no order – from 2010, out of 226 animated emails:

1. Harry & David {View}

{03/22/10 / Ear-resistible! Exclusive Easter Gifts They’ll Love …}

Harry and David

The animation intersects the navi bar, positioning it in the preview pane. The animation then draws the eye down the page, encouraging scrolling. Sweet!

2. WeLove {View}

{10/08/10 / Introducing to you, the all seeing Lazaro…}


This b2b email, reminds me of the Penny Arcade Museum back home on the Brighton seafront. The animation adds to the atmosphere.

3. Bed Bath & Beyond {View}

{12/14/10 / Hurry! If you haven’t already activated your 20% off one single item online ACT NOW + free ship. Offer ends 12/16!}

Bed Bath and Beyond

Often featuringclock, animations emphasizing time-sensitive sales are on the rise.

Incorporating a clock in a mktg message reinforces message of timeliness, greater recall for consumer #LSBBU – @LorenMcDonald

Neiman Marcus sent this animated email 21 times over a two month period in 2010 (Aug25th-Nov4th) promoting their, “Midday Dash”.

4. Nine West {View}

Fall 2010

Nine West

The 2nd 360 degree product shot in an email, here is the first. Grab your camera and make your own.

Came across this email on the MyEmma blog, via Mark Brownlow’s newsletter.

5. Fredericks {View}

{07/02/10 /See the fireworks – panties from $4.99. Savings of up to 70%.}


This is a patriotic use of a color switch Gif, sent out two days before the 4th of July.

6. Banana Republic {View}

{03/08/10 /Looking for the perfect jean? Look no further.}

Banana Republic

This email followed a static version. Adding animation, further mimics Flash controls.

7. bumbleandbumble {View}

{04/07/10 /April frizz? Fret not (+ free shipping on ANY order starts now)}


As someone with naturally curly hair, this animation was a compelling argument in favor of their product.

8. UO {View}

April fools day


A fun use of animation, courtesy of Dylan Boyd’s twitter stream.

9. Willams-Sonoma {View}

{12/02/2010 /Breville Pie Maker: A Gift for the Whole Family}


Animated Gifs are often used for product demonstrations. This example shows us how easy it is to use the pie maker in, “3 Easy Steps”. Placing the Gif above the fold further caught my eye.

10. Bed bath and beyond {View}

{06/01/10 /Clip. Snip. Buzz. Gifts for the well-trimmed Dad.}

Bed Bath and Beyond

This Father’s day email – courtesy of Chad White –  illustrates how sophisticated animated Gifs in email have become. Though at 460K and 25frames, file size is something to keep an eye on.

On the other end of the spectrum, one trend is the understated Gif. Such as highlighting the Gift navi tab during Nov/Dec. Or in this Borders email, (keep your eye on the Kobo eReader in the header).

11. Gap {View}

{06/24/10 /LASY DAY: Roll the Dice & Get Up to 40% Off}


One trend that emerged in 2010 were Mystery Savings campaigns. Retailers quickly started using animation, playing up the game of chance element. Here are two more examples from Banana Republic and Harry & David.

12. Neiman Marcus {View}

{10/05/10 /The Legendary Christmas Book}

Neiman Marcus

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Anna Yeaman

Anna Yeaman

Anna Yeaman is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at STYLECampaign, an email creative agency in LA.

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  • Georgia Christian
    March 18, 2011 at 7:20 am

    These are really great examples. Thanks for sharing Anna!

  • Anna Yeaman
    March 22, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    Thanks Georgia, glad you liked them…it’s hard to pick just 12!

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