Captain Inbox’s top email marketing takeaways from eMail Radio

Captain Inbox's Top eMail Radio Takeaways

Captain Inbox – AKA Andy Thorpe – often writes up a detailed reflection of each week’s email radio show. We asked him to write a blog post for us summing up what he thinks of Email Radio so far.

On eMail Radio you get to listen to and ask questions to some of the greatest minds in email marketing who are eager to tell us all how to get the best results. eMail Radio also has a chat room so the listeners can interact with each other, every week the chat room is full of some of the coolest people in email who have been aptly named “The Email Brain Trust”.

Here are my top takeaways from eMail Radio so far:

1. Don’t buy lists!

John Caldwell has taught us that you don’t need to buy a list to benefit from email marketing. The value and the ROI of your email marketing is directly related to the quality of your lists. The quality of your list depends on how you collected the addresses. Buying addresses and emailing people who don’t know you and have not given you their address, is of little value; People giving you their email address and asking you contact them, keep in touch and deliver your awesome content directly to their inbox will deliver far, far more value to you. It will also be of great help in maintaining your ability consistently get in the box – sending bags of emails to people who ignore it, or worse hit the spam button, has more and more consequences every day.

2. How, what and how much to test!

You need to make sure that when you send your campaign to your valued recipients it not only gets there, but it looks the same in every inbox and it’s structure & content are optimized to get maximum response.

You can try different subject lines, pre-header content & structure and the main body of the email. Kim Stiglitz taught us that the most important thing is not testing too much at once. If you put too many variables in you will not be able to measure the results as they will affect each other and skew your results.

3. Gmail’s Priority Inbox

Gmail’s Priority Inbox has now made it more important to have that ‘digital rapport’ with your recipients; while being prioritized by your Gmail recipients will definitely make you stand out and should get better results, not being up there will make it harder to bring back those recipients who are not interacting frequently.

4. Social Media and Email Marketing are not separate entities but they need to work together to succeed.

Part of social media’s success is it’s ability to spread content easily and quickly as well as the source of each share already being from a trusted source. DJ Waldow told us that by tracking the sharers on your list you can better pick out the people who are doing more marketing for you and then reward them and better help them to market for you even more.

5. Online Copy Writing is different

Online copy writing is different from most other kinds of writing, mainly due to the short attention span of the readers combined with the need for detail and elaboration. Mark Brownlow has taught us that we need to keep it in short, punchy and in easily digestible pieces.

6. And finally: Shexzy Email (sounds best in a Dutch accent)

Whilst email still brings in the best ROI of all digital marketing mediums, it does not seem to get enough attention and budget to really do email marketing as well as we all want to. Things like SEO and Social get all the press and money. That is because email is not perceived as sexy enough by the upper management and publications they read in comparison to Facebook, Twitter and Google, for instance; We in email need to band together to make it sexy again!

What are your top takeaways from eMail Radio?

Captain Inbox aka Andy Thorpe

Andy Thorpe

Captain Inbox is the author of the Get in the Inbox blog, a blog dedicated to aggregating the best email marketing advice from the web, coupled with the reflections and opinions of it’s experienced author. Captain Inbox is the blog alias of Andy Thorpe who is the Deliverability and Compliance Manager for Pure360. Pure360 delivers more than just email marketing software; The reactive support and proactive consultancy from the largest customer support team of a UK ESP, many trained by Andy, helps marketers get better with every campaign they send.

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Jeff Ginsberg

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