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Posts filed under: Dynamic Imaging / Content


Persado’s cognitive content platform generates language that inspires action. Powered by cognitive computing technologies, the platform eliminates the random process behind traditional message creation. Persado arms organizations and individuals with “smart content” that maximizes the efficacy of communication with any...
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Moveable Ink

With customers spending less than 3 seconds reading a single email, attention is hard to get. Relevant messages and dynamic content make all the difference. Movable Ink’s platform complements your existing ESP and seamlessly allows you to combine content and...
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The Kickdynamic platform enables you to send contextual, personalized email content and messages with just a single email launch, easily and at scale. We started building the platform because there was no technology available to achieve these aims. The Kickdynamic team...
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Liveclicker is the leading provider of video commerce solutions for the web's top brands. From production through conversion, Liveclicker's video commerce solutions help clients sell more with video....
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  Testing of email campaigns is a proven method to increase ROI. 8Seconds Optimizer optimizes the images (calls to action, offers, promotions, header images, banners, buttons, etc.) in your email. 8Seconds 1. shows different images to different recipients that open...
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