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Posts filed under: B2B Examples

ClickZ – 5 Automated Message Don’ts

  • 5 Automated Message Don'ts
By: ClickZ Automated messages work in the background with minimal maintenance, enhance the customer experience, and generate a lot of sales. That trifecta should command enough respect from marketers to make sure they are functioning properly, however, triggered messages are...
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20 Great Holiday Email Marketing Subject Lines by Janine Popick @janinepopick

20 Holiday Subject Lines that Light Up the Inbox A few weeks ago I did a blog post on 10 fab fall email subject lines, and now as we plunge into the holiday season, I wanted to share some eye-catching...
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MarketingSherpa – Content Marketing 101: 8 steps to B2B success

  • Content Marketing 101: 8 steps to B2B success
By: MarketingSherpa There are times when one marketing tactic seems to totally dominate the discussion. In recent years, social media has been in that mix, and mobile and its various form factors and latest upgrade release dates are pretty top...
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MediaPost – Getting Email Marketing Done: Lessons From The Sustainability Revolution

By: MediaPost “We’re strong on the destination, but we’re weak on getting there.” That quote is from Auden Schendler’s “Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution.” He’s talking about his experiences in greening up...
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B to B Online – What 3 email marketing mistakes make you look like a spammer?

By: B to B Online Even though it’s on the decline, spam still represents a whopping 85% of email sent worldwide, according to Cisco IronPort. While you hopefully are not yourself a spammer, it’s a mistake to think that spam does...
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Using a Lightbox to Grow Your Opt-In Email Marketing List by Jeff Ginsberg @dad_ftw

Are you looking to increase your opt-in email subscribers list? After hearing so many positive comments about lightboxes or pop-ups we decided that we would test one. We chose PopUp Domination since it came highly recommended to us. It has...
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iMedia Connection – A Key to Better B2B Marketing Campaigns: Segmentation

  • iMedia Connection - A Key to Better B2B Marketing Campaigns: Segmentation
By: iMedia Connection Segmentation is the buzzword du jour, and, the buzz is justified.  Studies show that  untargeted email programs increase costs by as much as 3.6 times the cost of targeted programs, according to the Relevancy Group publication, ‘Realizing the...
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Constant Contact – How B2Bs Can Keep Email Open Rates High

  • ConstantContact - How B2Bs Can Keep Email Open Rates High
By: Constant Contact Businesses that are marketing to other businesses can have a difficult time coming up with the right content for their email newsletters. It’s a little harder to think of articles foremail marketing when clients rely on you as...
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MarketingSherpa – Nonprofit Marketing: What you can learn from B2B and consumer marketing

  • MarketingSherpa - Nonprofit Marketing: What you can learn from B2B and consumer marketing
By: MarketingSherpa At B2B Summit in Boston, I was having dinner with MarketingSherpa Research Analyst Jeff Rice, and I asked him, “What question did you receive most often on the LEAPS Certification Email Workshop tour?” I was expecting it would be...
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Clickz – 6 Tactics to Create More ‘Must-Read’ B2B Newsletters

By: Clickz A regularly published B2B email newsletter is a staple of most B2B digital marketing strategies. They are a cost-effective, if inefficient, way to nurture prospects and help maintain a relationship over a client’s lifetime. Unlike a typical B2C...
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TopTenWholesale – Study Reveals Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics

By: TopTenWholesale B2B merchants often find it challenging to select the best online marketing tactics, especially when working with a limited marketing budget. There are many to choose from: website design, email campaigns, search marketing, display, social media, etc. The...
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MarketingSherpa – B2B Tactics: Maximizing marketing efforts in a tough economy

By: MarketingSherpa The current global economy has been a tough place for quite some time, and this week’s events on Wall Street aren’t providing any reassurance that things will pick up any time soon. Throw in a bleak forecast from...
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Clickz – Using Cadence to Build B2B Email Engagement

By: Clickz Need to shake up your B2B email marketing program to get more activity from your readers? Perhaps it’s time to take another tip from your B2C colleagues and change your email schedule to one that better reflects your...
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Clickz – 3 B2C Marketing Tactics to Improve Your B2B Newsletter

By: Clickz A recent study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value finds marketers and consumers are polar opposites when it comes to connecting via social media. It’s fair to assume that this behavior applies to email as well, as email...
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Thomsonlocal – Testing strategy ‘a necessary part of B2B email marketing’

By: Thomsonlocal Research suggests that only a minority of UK companies regularly test their B2B email marketing communications, which could mean messages are blindly being sent to business email lists with little scope for improving response rates. According to the...
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Thomsonlocal – Keeping B2B email marketing content ‘fresh’ – Business Strata – Business News

  • Keeping B2B email marketing content 'fresh'
By: Thomsonlocal Email may well be the oldest channel in most companies’ digital marketing arsenal, but there is a mountain of evidence to suggest that it still boasts plenty of growth potential, so long as a few golden rules are...
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MarketingSherpa – B2B Marketing: Building a quality list

By: MarketingSherpa Teleprospecting, email campaigns, drip marketing, lead nurturing — all of these marketing tactics have one very important element in common. Each one begins with a list, and the quality of the data in that list has a direct...
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Benchmark Email – 6 Types of Content for Your B2B Email Newsletter

By: Benchmark Email “Sales is sales, what does it matter who you’re selling to?” As you can imagine, that kind of thinking has brought down more than one business in the past. There are two types of internet marketers, business...
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BtoB Online – Tracking the right email metrics

  • BtoB Online – Tracking the right email metrics
By: BtoB Online Metrics matter, but are you looking at the right ones? That’s the question that Mark Feldman, VP-marketing at NetProspex, a sales and marketing database company, is asking his customers. The majority of email marketers look to traditional...
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B2B Email Marketing – Calculating the Cost of Increased E-Mail Frequency

  • B2B Email Marketing - Calculating the Cost of Increased E-Mail Frequency
By: B2B Email Marketing The good news: e-mail has emerged as the marketing channel that generates the highest ROI (define) for most companies. The bad news: as a result, “send more e-mail” is a frequent mandate from the executive suite...
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