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Posts filed under: Email Design

HubSpot – Easy HTML Tricks for the Non-Technical Marketer

By: HubSpot What do you think are the most important skill sets a marketer should possess? If I were to ask this question to many marketers, the ability to edit HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) would rarely come up as...
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Email Expert – 6 Steps to Smarter Email Marketing

By: Email Expert Guest post from StreamSend, an email marketing software provider. Email newsletters create loyalty, build credibility, trust and create a sense of community. But there are guidelines to doing it right, as StreamSend reports. “Virtually every business today...
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Thomsonlocal – 3 critical trends in email design for 2011

  • Thomsonlocal - 3 critical trends in email design for 2011
By: Thomsonlocal In recent years, companies running B2B email marketing campaigns have faced a wide range of challenges arising from technological developments and an increasingly ‘noisy’ online environment. As marketers strive to overcome these difficulties, their approach to new customer...
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Email Yogi – Five Ways to Truly Spruce Up Your Campaigns Now

By: Email Yogi You Must Send Transactional Messages – Your brand should put out a transactional receipt to the consumer. The consumer expects a receipt for their transaction and you should give the consumer not only a choice about whether...
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Email on Acid – 3 Things you Need to Know about Hotmail’s Latest Release

  • 3 Things you Need to Know about Hotmail’s Latest Release
By: Email on Acid 1.) Hotmail no longer supports image maps I tested this in every browser and did some digging to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Turns out, they are blocking the onclick event via Javascript. Rollovers...
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MediaPost – Critical Trends In Email Design

  • Critical Trends In Email Design
By: MediaPost Last week we unveiled the 2011 Email Design Look Book, which celebrates outstanding email design and copywriting from 20 brands. While each email stands alone as a fantastic example of marketing, together they illuminate several trends that will...
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CampaignMonitor – The Current State Of Video In Email

  • CampaignMonitor - The Current State Of Video In Email
By: CampaignMonitor Video support in email is quickly becoming the hottest topic in email marketing circles. Many years ago most desktop and web-based email clients actually supported video in email. As security tightened and spam became a bigger problem, the...
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iMedia Connection – Overlooked best practices for email design

By: iMedia Connection Having a well-crafted, clear, and consistent design for your brand is invaluable in today’s cluttered digital space. Often times, businesses will use e-newsletters, blogs, and email marketing efforts to complement their presence on the web, but these...
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Benchmark Email – Possibilities and Drawbacks of Designing HTML Email from Scratch

By: Benchmark Email HTML is a flexible programming language capable of working its magic both on the web and in the inbox. When used correctly, it can truly help you bring out the best in your marketing message. The do-it-yourself...
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Benchmark Email – HTML Tips: How to Eliminate White Bars and Gaps in Your HTML Email

By: Benchmark Email When coding a newsletter with HTML, there are several email clients you must account for and each has a slightly different way of handling images. If you’re using Hotmail, Gmail or Outlook you may have noticed a...
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StrongMail – Email Marketing Design for Mobile Devices

By: StrongMail When I attended OMMA Global in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I sat in on a great panel by Alex Williams of Trendline Interactive, Matthew Caldwell of Yesmail and Justine Jordan of Litmus on the topic of...
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eCommerce-Guide – Email Marketing Tips: Add Visual Imagery

  • ecommerce guide - Email Marketing Tips: Add Visual Imagery
By: eCommerce-Guide Ecommerce-Guide recently spoke with Attia who suggested the following five tips for adding successful imagery to your email marketing. 1. Use an image to support a strong headline and text. Emails will always need strong headlines and valuable...
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The Importance & Impact Of The Email Preheader by Denise Keller @benchmarkemail

  • The Importance & Impact Of The Email Preheader
The Importance & Impact Of The Email Preheader There seems to be some level of confusion among email marketers as to the importance of the preheader. Both newcomers and old hands in the field are scratching their heads over the...
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MailerMailer – Common HTML Email Design Mistakes

By: MailerMailer While HTML emails may appear to be miniature web pages, they possess a unique set of quirks and limitations. In general, emails should be coded with old-school methods and sensitivity for the preview pane. The process may seem...
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Bypass image blocking by converting images to HTML by Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

Anna Yeaman of StyleCampaign has a way for you to work those images into your eMail marketing without having to worry about client image blocking. It makes me nostalgic for the grand old days of ASCII art and BBS’s where...
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Campaign Monitor – Designing email campaigns for Facebook Messages

By: Campaign Monitor Despite the odd request for an opinion, we’ve been reserved when it has come to speculating about what Facebook Messages will mean to email designers and their clients. Facebook announced this under the ominous ‘Project Titan’ label...
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Hello skinny – how wide should your eMail be? by Dylan Boyd @dtboyd

Just how wide should and email be? I know that everyone builds them a little different when it comes to girth, but I have not seen many under 300 px wide. This one in point is 265 px wide. So...
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