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Posts filed under: Email Marketing Buzz

Drip – The Best 3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Workflows in 2018

By: Drip Do you want an ecommerce marketing strategy that’s guaranteed to increase your profit? These days, if you’re a marketing director for an ecommerce brand, you’ve got plenty of “growth hacks” to choose from to perfect your marketing strategies....
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AlchemyWorx – FIVE reasons why open reach will revolutionise your email marketing

  • AlchemyWorx – FIVE reasons why open reach will revolutionise your email marketing
By: AlchemyWorx Pretty big claim! But we’€™ve been measuring open reach across a range of clients and industries for seven years and have unearthed a wealth of valuable insights that underline why this metric should become the lynchpin of your...
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BlogPress – Email Marketing: How To Plan And Execute Your Campaign

  • BlogPress – Email Marketing: How To Plan And Execute Your Campaign
By: BlogPress Email marketing is still a great way to reach out to your current or potential customers and readers, without having to get them to come your website first. Most people have their e-mail open almost all day, so...
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Customer.io – How to Create Lifecycle Email Campaigns

By: Customer.io Communicating as a business can create a strange mental trap that makes you forget that you’re dealing with other human beings. You have relationships of all kinds, so you already understand two basic rules. One, relationships require management...
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By: New Breed+ Your email marketing strategy is a critical part of your success. But planning out every detail of your segmentation strategy and automation triggers won’t get you too far if you don’t have the email quality to back...
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iTrac Maketer – 4 Key Factors to Plan a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

  • iTrac Maketer – 4 Key Factors to Plan a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
By: iTrac Marketer An Email Marketing Campaign is one of the most effective means of communicating with an audience to drive business. If you’re not already using email marketing, I strongly suggest you hop on this band wagon. For those...
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GetResponse – Planning an Email Campaign vs. Planning a Vacation #Infographic

By: GetResponse Dr. Emel Aktas published an online index card in which he outlines a systematic approach to preparing for a summer break. So we applied the same principles to planning a successful email campaign. And so, we draw a...
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SmartInsights – How To Plan Your Lifecycle Email Marketing

  • SmartInsights – How To Plan Your Lifecycle Email Marketing
By: SmartInsights Using tables and flow charts to visualise and plan automated contact strategies Research shows that behavioural email marketing is a powerful technique to automatically follow-up online customer actions to help increase conversion to sale at a low cost....
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Vero – How To Plan Your Lifecycle Email Marketing

By: Vero Planning out your lifecycle email campaigns can be a daunting task. Knowing what to send and when is not a perfect science but having a framework you can use to think about your lifecycle campaigns is a powerful...
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Hallam Internet – How to Plan an Email Marketing Campaign

By: Hallam Internet If you’re considering adding email campaigns to your marketing strategy, these are the most important things to look at when planning your actions. You might be wondering why you should start an email campaign when some say...
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Salesforce – 7 Things to Consider When Planning Promotional Email Campaigns

By: Salesforce Whether you are jumping into your first promotional email campaign or are a long-time veteran of email marketing strategy, there are factors you have to consider every time you begin planning a new email campaign. Ignore one of...
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ActiveCampaign – Planning An Email Marketing Campaign

By: ActiveCampaign Targeted email marketing campaigns take a little bit of time and patience to achieve success. Many people make the mistake of thinking that their email campaigns consists primarily of simply sending out emails. In fact, much of the...
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Smashing Magazine – Level-Up Email Campaigns With Customer Journey Mapping

By: Smashing Magazine I became a huge fan of customer journey mapping (CJM) the first time I was introduced to it. And after a few years of mapping, tweaking and presenting maps, my team and I started looking for other...
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monetate – 10 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By: monetate Most email calendars are planned months in advance, and that can make it daunting to try something new or make a change to a campaign that’s already planned. And if your emails aren’t performing as well as they...
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smart insights – 6 advanced KPIs for measuring email engagement

By: smart insights Going beyond opens and clicks to evaluate and improve subscriber engagement with your email programmes yawn pictureHow engaging are your emails? It’s likely that you review open and clickthrough rates for individual email campaigns and newsletters, but...
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Customer.io – 5 Types of Engagement Emails to Nudge Users Towards Aha Moments

By: Customer.io Ever feel that tiny emotional tingle, that little rush, of getting a notification on your phone for a new message, an Instagram favorite, a Facebook tag? If you’ve been a long-time Facebook user, you might’ve felt the buzz...
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ConversionXL – 8 Ways To Keep Your Email Engagement Alive & Lucrative

By: ConversionXL According to digital marketing firm Lyris, you should expect to lose 30% of your email subscribers every year. The two main reasons behind losing subscribers are: They change their email address. Your content is no longer relevant to...
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Adestra – How to continue engagement in between events using email

By: Adestra Promoting an event is one of the most challenging and time-pressured campaigns a marketer can be involved in. It’s crucial to target your audience and correctly stagger your emails leading up to the event, while carefully crafting and...
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yourstory – Future of email marketing

By: yourstory Email marketing of the future is exciting and fuelled by innovation, and for business willing to adapt, the opportunities are enormous. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the changes email marketing is set to undergo. Artificial Intelligence...
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Digiday – Drop it like it’s bot: Brands have cooled on chatbots

  • Digiday – Drop it like it’s bot: Brands have cooled on chatbots
By: Digiday What goes up must come down. Just this week, Facebook said it was “refocusing” its use of AI after its bots hit a failure rate of 70 percent, meaning bots could only get to 30 percent of requests...
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