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To our fallen soldiers – We remember you.

Remembrance Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remembrance_Day Remembrance Day – also known as Poppy Day, Armistice Day (the event it commemorates) or Veterans Day – is a day to commemorate the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and...
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Using Video in Email – Facts, Figures and Benefits by Georgia Christian @mailblaze

  • Video Email - Fact, Figures and Benefits
Using Video in Email – Facts, Figures and Benefits YouTube, with over two billion videos viewed daily, is a great indication of the high degree of engagement that is associated with videos. According to a recent study of over 1...
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Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success by Rory Carlyle @rorycarlyle

  • Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success
Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success Email is dead, right? I mean, social media marketing is taking over, e-newsletters are losing traction, and with the addition of improved filtering and ISP’s prioritizing email for consumers – we’re doomed. Email marketers...
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Fusion Marketing Experience #FUSIONMEX proves to be extremely insightful #video

  • Fusion Marketing Experience
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZokxUTFoD2c Although we didn’t get to attend the Fusion Marketing Experience held in Brussels, our good friend J-P De Clerck, along with other social media gurus and online experts, collected at the stylish Maison du Bois for 1 ½ days...
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A Tip for Email Marketing Ninjas by Some Very Smart Ninjas

  • A Tip for Email Marketing Ninjas
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UL60IgdfE0 A Tip for Email Marketing Ninjas by Some Very Smart Ninjas As I picked the brains of one Ninja after another, these great tips for email Ninjas took form. Ninjas are eager to share what their vast experience has...
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What is the biggest challenge facing email marketers in 2011? A video worth watching!

  • What is the biggest challenge facing email marketers in 2011?
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtRu_QTy6vg When I posed this question at the Sherpa Summit 2011, the following email Ninjas gave me these insightful takeaways. As each Ninja shares a priority focus with me, it becomes increasingly clear that keeping subscriber content relevant and segmented...
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MPEIS: Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart take it to the street!

  • MPEIS: Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart take it to the street!
What happens when you take a few key questions which every email marketer wants the answers to out on the street to the people? You get some surprising responses and a great deal of insight! Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart...
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CMA video: Ben Chin, social media & going green

In the latest edition of our video interviews from the Canadian Marketing Association National Convention in Toronto, Jeff Ginsberg interviews Ben Chin from the Ontario Power Authority on social marketing and going green. Ben Chin is Vice President, Communications for...
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CMA Video: Michael Seaton, Chair of the Digital Marketing Council

  • CMA Video: Michael Seaton, Chair of the Digital Marketing Council
In the latest installment from our CMA 2010 national convention videos, Jeff Ginsberg interviews Michael Seaton, chair of the CMA Digtial Marketing Council. Michael is currently head of Digital Marketing at CNIB where he leads online and digital strategy for...
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Video: DJ Waldow & Nikki Schiavone talk email & social

  • Video: DJ Waldow & Nikki Schiavone talk email & social
DJ Waldow and Nikki Schiavone of Blue Sky Factory take over mic and camera from our intrepid reporter, Jeff Ginsberg @ MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Summit in Miami. If DJ and Nikki ever wanted to change careers (and they don’t cuz...
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Interview with an email vampire: list buying & selling sucks by John Caldwell @jacaldwell

  • Interview with an Email Vampire
After so many years one would think the topic of email list buying (and selling) would be a settled Email Marketing Worst Practice; the worst of the worst practices.  For most it is, but there are still a few out...
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Video CMA: Aldo Cundari – The future of marketing

  • The Future of Marketing
In the latest installment of our video coverage from the Canadian Marketing Associations National Convention, Chief eMail Officer, Jeff Ginsberg talks with Aldo Cundari about the state and the future of marketing. Watch more videos from the Canadian Marketing Association...
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Can TXT-TV deliver SMS users 15 minutes of fame?

In the latest video from the recent CMA National Convention in Toronto, Andy Nulman of TXT-TV made his pitch about what the channel is and what marketers can do with it. TXT-TV is an alpha-numeric cable channel where the programming...
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Marketing insight & advice for newbees from Terry O’Reilly

See all the CMA videos here! Terry O’Reilly is quite simply a legend in the marketing biz. He started out as a copywriter and later went on to co-found Pirate Radio & Television in 1990. Pirate is a leading creative...
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Social media means you don’t own your brand anymore!

Max Valliquette is a social media expert who helps companies understand how to communicate via this new medium. Max spoke at the recent Canadian Marketing Association Next: 2010 National Convention in Toronto recently. You can watch more great videos from...
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Marketing is what we should all be doing – Howie Mandel

  • Marketing is What We should All be Doing
In the third and final installment of Howie Mandel’s talk at the CMA National Convention, Next: 2010, Mandel maintains a consistent message. That message is that we all market ourselves and we all need to be aware of the flow...
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Howie Mandel on making decisions and change management

  • Howie Mandel Part 2: Decision Making and Change Management
In the first video of Howie Mandel speaking @ the CMA National Convention, we heard Howie describe how he’s managed to re-brand and market himself by going with the flow and keeping himself open to new possibilities. In part 2,...
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Howie Mandel: Branding and marketing yourself

  • Howie Mandel at the CMA
Having Howie Mandel speak at the CMA National Convention was a brilliant move on the part of the organizers. Not only did his frenetic personality totally light up the room, but his witty and insightful remarks on branding and marketing...
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Obama campaign secrets of social and email

  • Rahaf Harfoush Building Brand with Social and Email
Rahaf Harfoush is an expert on technology’s impact on business, education, and government. In 2008, she was a part of the Obama campaign’s social media team. Recently, Harfoush is the Associate Director of the Global Cooperation Initiative at the World...
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Ken Wong: Why don’t marketers do the right thing?

  • CMA Next 2010: Ken Wong - Why Don't Marketers Do the Right Thing?
Ken Wong is a faculty member and the Commerce ’77 Teaching Fellow in Marketing at Queen’s School of Business. He was inducted into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends in 2006 in the mentor category. Ken is a passionate speaker...
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