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Epsilon Interactive

P click for phone number W click for website A 4401 Regent Boulevard Irving, TX 75063 , , , ,

Company Description

Epsilon powers business results for the world’s leading marketers, using customer intelligence to ignite connections between brands and customers with solutions that integrate rich data, engaging creativity and robust technologies. In a consumer-empowered world where customers, not marketers, establish brand position, authentic connection can only be achieved through differentiated customer experiences and meaningful engagement. At Epsilon, we believe this requires a new type of marketing strategy fueled by customer intelligence ─ one that brings together the rational behaviors of how customers act with their emotional feelings about a brand. The new marketing mandate is to create transformative ideas out of deep customer insight and data. We must relate and respond to customers on their terms. We have to act in real-time. We have to operate across a complex, hyper-connected digital ecosystem. The measure of marketing success can no longer focus solely on ROI, but must also build return on brand and business equity. This requires a new breed of agency that bridges the gap between strategically led ideas and data-driven marketing. That new breed of agency is Epsilon. Our unique approach harnesses the power of rich data, world-leading technologies, engaging creativity and transformative ideas to ignite connections between brands and customers, delivering dramatic results.