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Cogent Online

Cogent Online

P click for phone number W click for website A Level 5, 616 Harris Street , Ultimo, NSW, 2007, Australia

Company Description

Cogent is premium performance marketing network based in Australia. Cogent delivers online marketing campaigns through:

* Cost per Sale
* Cost per Registration
* Cost per Click
* Cost per Email send
* Cost per Download
* Cost per Lead
* Cost per Application

What are your needs?

Choosing the right online media to represent your product is an increasingly complex and expensive pursuit. Often advertisers lack the time and budget to accurately test, evaluate and optimise campaigns with the strategy disciplines that they deserve. Wasting time and money on ineffective media only serves to further complicate an already complex process. How can Cogent help?

Using our pay–for–performance marketing model, advertisers are able to focus on their campaign strategy: product offering and creative execution with total confidence that their media spend will be 100% cost–effective.

Cogent enables advertisers to get the right message, quickly, to the appropriate audience, with access to a large and independent network of sites, and through affiliation, over 500,000 fully opted in email subscribers.

Cogent also specializes in:

* Membership Panel Building
* Market Research Delivery
* Qualified Lead Generation

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