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Company Description

Knotice maximizes the ROI of direct digital marketing through process automation, increased relevance, and improved performance.

Working with clients across many industries, including retail, hospitality, restaurants, cable and broadband, and many more, Knotice provides efficient effective delivery of highly-targeted marketing communications through today’s primary digital channels.

Knotice pioneered the concept of direct digital marketing – a digital marketing method that delivers relevant marketing communications addressed to specific individuals with an email address, a mobile phone number, or a Web browser cookie.

Knotice’s on-demand software is called Concentri®. Solutions include Concentri®Mobile for mobile marketing, Concentri®EmailPlus for email marketing, Concentri®SiteTarget for onsite targeting, along with landing page management, testing and optimization, and universal profile management for data centralization.

Standard Concentri® features include testing and optimizaton, data segmentation, forms and surveys, reporting, and more, at no additional cost.

Concentri®EmailPlus combines data (including native, captured behavioral data) and email allowing you to easily discover your customers likes and dislikes and provide them with the information the value and act on. Concentri®EmailPlus features best-in-class delivery assurance tools that ensure your customers receive the information they need when they need it.

Knotice provides full service direct digital marketing services. You have the option of managing your campaigns or outsourcing them to Knotice’s expert professional services team. The professional services team guides you through each step of your direct digital marketing from data management to content development to campaign planning, execution, and more.

Knotice customers receive white glove customer support, available 24/7. Knotice’s approach to customer support raises the bar for a software industry that traditionally relies on impersonal email loops or a complex system of call centers to aid customer needs.

Knotice unifies the vital direct digital marketing channels of email, mobile, and Web. Whether you want top-tier channel specific software solutions, or a complete direct digital marketing solution that spans all channels, Knotice saves you time and money while improving content relevance and campaign performance.