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Company Description

Development of RoboMail is a daily progress by the way, but we have a few new goodies we would like to share for those who would like to see what new improvements we have been working on.
New RoboMail Features – Version 6.8

* RoboGEO
o Supports tracking for Country, State, City, Zip
o Tracking links activate redirects for urls, are passed to be GEO decoded.
o Pull, extract, send data from lists based of GEO codes.
o Very accurate geoip data to cross reference co-registration data.
* RoboMail (ASP) Multiple Mailers
o Support for ASP usage. Mailing users can be added to the system and access to various lists and machines can be managed by the Administrator user.
o RoboMail customer can now, “lease” or “rent” their machines out to multiple Mailers.
o Mailers can be granted “rights” to use ip_groups and or clones
o Mailers can also have the ability to share “lists” or create and manage their own.
o Seperate body/from/subject folders for Mailers
o Seperate log-in access to view their own campaigns, and start mailings
o Become an ESP (Email Service Provider) for your Mailer customers
* RoboAdmin Interface
o Support for starting a new mailing by using the same settings as a prior mailing.
o Primary url for RoboAdmin can be configured to be any name. For example the old version had to have the URL like https://IP/roboadmin/. Now it could have a URL name like https://IP/speedracer/
o Extended reporting information including click/view/unsub reports for a configurable list of major ISPs
* Mailing Daemons
o Optimized support for massively parallel processing systems.
o New Inter7 DirectConnnect technology increases delivery speed more than 30% compared to prior versions.
o New Extreme version has measured sustained production throughput of over two million emails per hour on standard server hardware.
o New IP management module.
+ Balanced IP usage to major ISPs
+ New IP management architecture supports future throttling module.
o Support for outgoing email gateway
* Administration Programs
o Full support for AOL new bounce message format for SCOMP emails.
o Updated rbpurge program to automatically remove any email address or domains from all of your mailing lists.
o Roboclean program can optionally skip updating deferral, no attempt and success values. Busy MySQL servers can save time by skipping some or all of these updates.
* Database
o New blacklist domains and blacklist email address tables. Any domain or email address in these tables are automatically filtered out of any list load. So the email addresses never get loaded into the database.
o New csv_dom_stat table to keep track of clicks/views/unsubs on a per domain basis using the reporting domains list.

New RoboMail Features Spring 2008

* RoboMail Home pages
o Website template for your robomail server and domains.
o Easily editable text, and images in PHP.
o Unsubscribe and Contact page with CAPTCHA
o Fault tolerant for abuse of functions
o Real time info for users who request unsubscribe, completely automated.
o DKIM signatures to Yahoo and other selected domain names
o Editable list table of DKIM domains, add any recieving domain to send them DKIM info too.
* Notify Email
o Sends email to person when a specific campaign is completed.
* List Randomize
o Load lists via randomization
o Send lists in randomized patterns
o Send sections of lists in randomized format
* Feedback Loops
o AOL SCOMP reporting per campaign
o Accepts any feedback loop from any ISP
o Automic removal and unsubscribes from all feedback loops
o Support for future SCOMP ISP’s
* Customer Access to See Campaigns
o You can now grant access to your customers to log in to view just “their” campaigns
o You can now Create / Edit / Delete “Customers” who can have access to see the results of their mailings
o Each mailing has a new drop down menu to specify “which” Customer can have access to see the mailing results
o Support for Logging out of the interface.
* Ability to Personalize the “URL redirects”
o Without putting the personalization in the email body you can now personalize redirects.
o This can be used to pre-populate forms with, say email addresses. This pre-populated url redirect should improve conversion rates tremendously, we’ll let you know some of our customers results when we hear back from them.
* Some Database Improvements
o Speed up post processing when server has large number of lists.
o On post mail processing, support for removing failures from all lists or, for increased processing speed, support for removing the failures from just the list used on the mailing. We found some sites with large numbers of large lists would see very slow processing of failures since each failure email was checked against all lists. This new feature vastly increases post processing speed with little impact on list cleaning.

RoboMail Features

High volume, mail management software for opt-in mailing lists.

* personalizes each e-mail (ex. “TO” field is addressed to recipient)
* multiple, simultaneous mailings
* detailed logging and traffic reports
* custom scripting interaction: command line programs for integration to existing mail management and CRM software
* insertion variables for rotation, randomization, and personalization of each e-mail
* logical, best route path synchronization
* DNS and list checking to increase list load speeds
* hashcash configuration support
* variable header insertion: personalize, rotate, and/or reorder email headers
* support for domain keys and SPF
* dynamic scheduling: based on calendar, campaign results, or timed by previous campaign completion
* optimization for simultaneous, multiple mailings
* multi threading technology; throttle controls to send to desired capacity
* local or remote list storage
* complete bounce processing and deferral manager for logging, results, and updates based on type of bounce
o light SMTP server designed for efficiency
o collection for bounced and deferred messages
o load tolerant to prevent degradation in performance of outgoing messages
o parses email for further management handling and pruning lists

* web interface tools: administration, statistics, graphs, history, and more
* sends from multiple IPs

Web interface administration for list and address management.

* graphs
* current status
* campaign scheduling and configurations to start new mailing
* show current schedule
* configuration parameters
* data parameters such as view and click throughs and false positive, hard bounces to recipient tracking details: send more, send less, unsubscribe, unique follow-up, etc
* server settings including IP and domain administration
* rotation and delivery throttles
* system status: statistics and graphs of campaign results, server performance, upload progress, and blocked Ips
* view seed lists, creative’s, rotation parameters, and export data
* view logs
* configure DoNotMail options
o Top Level Domains
o general domains
o blocked Ips

Unsubscribe cgi included.

* subscribe and unsubscribe cgi to encourage/make available/support a true opt-in and out mailing list
* auto filled landing page
* support for closed-loop data
* real time remove processing

Management and storage of lists with a database back end

* automated list management options
* schedule, edit and cancel email campaigns in real time
* custom variable substitution for personalization and unique sending
o personalize: use recipient’s name in greeting
o target email to consumer: content based on residence
o unique content: vary email size depending on recipient

Additional Features in Clustered Environment

For management of multiple RoboMail DLM Clone servers to send lists out on multiple servers.

* web interface, single point of access for centralized control
* increase speeds up to hundreds of millions per hour
* multiple farms of RoboMail clone servers handling
* dynamic list sharing
* multiple web portals
* fault tolerant solution
* clustering capacity
* real time, collective results
* monitoring across entire RoboMail clones
* security lock down for enterprise control