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Striata Email Marketing

Striata Email Marketing

P click for phone number W click for website A 158 Jan Smuts Avenue
Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa

Company Description

Striata provides consulting and advice on all aspects of email distribution, including best practices, campaign ideas and does research in each industry to ensure the offer, email and call-to-action are all maximized for best response.

Initial steps in designing an effective eMarketing campaign include incorporating the client Corporate Identity (CI) in all creative material, determining the nature of the campaign and defining the copy of all messages. This design of the content is where the expertise garnered by Striata’s eMarketing department is most effectively applied.

Personalized marketing messages can be included in the content. This is rules-driven and is done by setting specific flags in the data. Examples of this are recipient preferences, or purchase history.

Striata’s high speed delivery engine can be actively monitored and administered. Message batches can be scheduled for automatic start, pause, stop and restart.

Reporting on each email sent is standard, and includes bounce codes, transient failures, and permanent errors.

Comprehensive tracking of email opening, and all hyperlinks clicked, provides invaluable feedback to business and marketing departments.

Striata can also pass emails through a spam checking tool, designed to decipher whether your email would be stopped by spam filters. This is dependant on a number of factors, including the size of images, words like ‘free’ and references to money, etc.