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Company Description

100% automated email marketing – with personal product selection for each individual consumer

Uses predictive analytics to identify each individual’s taste and maximise the opportunity

SwiftERM only addresses products identified by data analysis as those that an individual will buy imminently. It uses a sophisticated predictive analytics algorithm. There is no segmenting of products or audience. It uses each person’s buying history and clicks to identify the products receiving that individual’s highest level of interest. Then, automatically – so there is zero staff involvement, it emails that person details of those items, at precisely the right moment.

This is an additional revenue stream from your existing consumers. It works 24/7 and nurtures consumer loyalty. It compliments your existing email marketing software. It is also ideal for the retailer who want something that runs automatically. If you admire the benefits of marketing automation you will appreciate because SwiftERM needs zero staff, it offers zero additional overheads too, making this a highly profitable addition to your company’s bottom line.