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Email Movers I Email Inspector

Email Movers I Email Inspector

P click for phone number W click for website A Pindar House Thornburgh Road Scarborough North Yorkshire YO11 3UY , , , ,

Company Description

Emailmovers has developed a managed email cleansing service conducted in house, which rigorously tests the validity of each record on file. This replaces the archaic method of tele-verifying every record at huge costs and unrealistic timescales. After the full verification is complete, a final report is delivered along with the cleansed data and a Valid/Invalid response for every record on the file.

Email data files require constant monitoring and frequent cleansing. If you hold a file of email data, there is a chance that you will see a natural decay rate of up to 5% each month. This loss in accuracy accumulates over time and can result in deliverability issues, poor response rates and a reduction in ROI.