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vertical traction

vertical traction

P click for phone number W click for website A 5511 Sheraton Oaks Dr , Houston, Tx, 77091, United States

Company Description


Competitive environments require big gains from your marketing investment.
Misteps, mistakes, setbacks – anything that fails to perform as it could is like handing your marketing budget to your competitor. When each communication is created with intent and intelligence you have vertical traction.

Rob Van Slykevertical traction is an interactive consultancy.
Since 2000, vertical traction has helped companies realize their interactive potential. Based in Houston, Texas, vertical traction is a one-man show so I’ll stop speaking as if I am a conglomerate. Since 1994, I’ve been an interactive consultant. The role wasn’t always called interactive consultant but, in one capacity or another, I’ve helped start-ups up to Fortune 100 companies realize their online potential and their vertical traction. If you’d like to know more about me, I have references and plenty to say about interactive marketing.

vertical traction offers strategic plans that take your existing business plan into consideration when creating a pragmatic internet marketing strategy. What’s more? I offer the skills to execute our plan as a whole or in partial – depending on your in-house capabilities. If I build a strategic plan and you can economically manage it, I’ll build that into the plan. I won’t build a cost prohibitive plan that is impossible to implement.

vertical traction offers a full compliment of interactive services to small- and medium-sized businesses including strategy, design, development and maintenance of plans, web sites and campaigns.

vertical traction can join your Internet initiative where ever you may be in the process. We are most effective when we get involved in the planning stages, as this allows us to ensure you have the proper strategies and tactics in place to convert visitors to leads and leads to customers. However, we are just as effective when we get involved later in the process – it just usually requires a little reworking.