Drastically Improve Your Open Rates Through Email Engagement by @jaredkimball

Drastically Improve Your Open Rates Through Email Engagement

Drastically Improve Your Open Rates Through Email Engagement

Getting images opened in your email marketing campaigns heavily affects your open and response rates. Open rates give you an overview of the engagement level of your subscribers.

In short, open rates rely heavily on subject lines. Please test your subject lines constantly. Here are some ideas for the subject line creative process.

What happens to the subscriber who opens your email, reads the content, and doesn’t download the images, which means an “unopened” on your email report?

That’s when you apply some of these strategies to bump up your open rates and improve engagement at the same time.

  • Give them a reason to “look” at the images. I have a friend who sends me pictures of his family and other interesting stuff which always peaks my interest. For example, he will write, “Check out this insane storm that I saw the other day.” Instantly, I downloaded the picture by clicking “Download” or “View Images”.

You can use this same strategy in your emails. Grab your reader’s attention with an amazing, funny, eye-opening, insightful or lesson-learning story. I’ve found the best ones that get read and shared the most are personal ones, such as triumphs over adversity, funny and educational stories from your childhood or stories related to popular news topics. Take 15 minutes and pull out some old yearbooks or old photos and I’m sure you’ll find inspiration for a great story that ties into your marketing message.

Aim at pulling your readers’ emotions and share an image that adds value to the story. You could share an image of the house you grew up in, a speaking event, your family, your dog, your cat or anything worth sharing. If you took my advice and pulled out an old yearbook or photo, then – viola! You’ve got your unique image.

Giving them a reason to open your emails will improve your email relationships, so why don’t you start today?

  • Ask for feedback. Have you ever asked someone to do something for you but in an indirect way? Why not do the same thing with your emails?

Want an idea of what I mean by this? Ask your readers at the beginning of the email to share their opinion of your new email design. Tell them you spent a lot of time designing the email and it would really help if they gave you some feedback.

BAM! Not only is the email opened, but it’s analyzed in depth, it gets your readers to write you back, you get some design tips and this improves your engagement with them.

Using this technique will bring social interaction with you to their inbox. Try it out and see what happens.

  • Include new pictures. Okay, I admit it; I like to look at cool pictures – especially online, and that includes my inbox too.

Take for example retail clothing companies. Their emails constantly have new photos with the sole purpose of getting the reader to look at the images, fall in love with the outfits and buy them.

In order to pull this off you’ll need to think outside the box a little bit.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Snap a photo of yourself and place it in the email before you send it.
  2. Include a photo of your co-workers/staff.
  3. Share pictures from an event or trip.

Takeaway: Keep the images relevant to your marketing messages, but don’t rely on the same old stuff every time.

Hopefully these ideas get you thinking. Test them and see what happens. If you get better open rates after using these tips, post a comment and share the story. We’d love to hear about it.

Meet the author:

Jared Kimball

Jared Kimball

A former airline pilot who fell in love with email marketing and has fun helping others get their money’s worth from their email marketing systems. Starting in 2008 as an email marketing consultant with Infusionsoft, he formed his own company Interact Media LLC. This houses a number of different brands including Spamspert and InfusionAddOns. He gives in depth email marketing training to people all over the world. He’s also an email marketing manager for a number of small to medium size companies.

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