Dynamic Content: The New Girl in Town Everyone Wants to Date! by Kinshuk Jhala @kj_kinshuk

Dynamic Content in Email Marketing: The New Girl in Town Everyone Wants to Date! by Kinshuk Jhala @kj_kinshuk

Dynamic Content in Email Marketing: The New Girl in Town Everyone Wants to Date!

It’s high time you send some data-driven personalized marketing messages to your audience! It’s the world of adaptive content, and in this post we will walk you through how dynamic content really works and ways in which you can incorporate it into an email marketing strategy.

Who is she? Is she sexy, is she hot?

Yes, she is hot, sexy and, most of all, not many have used her before! I am just talking about Dynamic Content, before you get your minds off-task!

Dynamic content or adaptive content is typically an email body that changes based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer or subscriber. Such campaigns have many advantages, the biggest being personalization, localization and relevancy. As the campaign is really relevant at this particular point of time for the viewer, it will more likely instigate a response.

What does it require to date the new girl in town?

Money? Luckily not! Then, how does our new baby, adaptive email content, work?

  • Information is the baseline for any dynamic content campaign to be successful.
  • The second pillar of success for an effective dynamic content campaign is the past insight of the content that proved to be the most enticing to a particular lead. All you need to do is set up a centralized marketing database that stores all contacts and past interactions as a history.
  • Next, you need a smart content generator that will collect the information from the database and hide or show the block of text, images, etc., on the basis of set rules and algorithms.
  • Last but not least, you also need to integrate your email system with the database to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign is well-maintained.

Dynamic content should be altered according to user behavior. Also, it is imperative to tailor the message according to the lead’s lifecycle stage. Is it their first visit? Are they ready to buy? Are they evaluating alternatives?

Breaking the lifecycle into various lead nurturing adaptive content emails will ensure that consultative sales support is provided, and this in turn will enable the subscriber to swallow information in bits and pieces and come to an eventual conclusion with full understanding.

She dresses differently with different guys! Ah-ha!

Marketers also use adaptive content to delineate different calls-to-action for different subscribers. Already loyal customers need not be bothered with a hot sales pitch and instead just a “Try more” CTA might work wonders. Likewise “Register to download E-book” might be a CTA for the non-registered user. With the help of dynamic content, a registered user will not view the same CTA but rather “Download the E-book! Thanks for registering already.”

The power of dynamic content is not just limited to CTA. Dynamic content will also share content according to different weather patterns, geographical location, and it can also change or insert images according to industry. For instance, a marketing communication brochure for a healthcare contact might receive a healthcare-specific image while a technology company will get a technology-related image and distinct email body contents, amazing!

It’s time for her to go: wind up your date!

Smart content provides information differently to different subscribers. Every potential buyer should be recognized uniquely and given different treatment in the email campaign, taking it to the next level of personalization.

Takeaway: Dynamic content is the tool in your arsenal that will tailor to the different needs of different subscribers, exceeding content expectations, arresting more eyeballs and leading to a larger sales funnel with a long, hygienic, happy subscriber list!


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