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We feel the best way to raise the bar for email marketing done right, is to raise people’s awareness of best practices and bring them insight and experience from leaders in the email marketing industry. That’s just what you’ll find in our new WhitePaper library! Industry leading white papers from StrongMail, MailChimp, ClickMail, Blue Sky Factory and MarketingSherpa and more to come!

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StrongMail – 22 Quick Tips for Better Email Marketing

Publish Date: March 2010

Number of Pages: 12

What you are going to learn:

Short, sweet and to the point. This new WhitePaper provides 22 practical and actionable tips that can be implemented today to help you generate better results. From email strategy to content, testing, creative design, optimization and regulatory compliance, learn the latest best practices for improving opens, clicks, conversions and customer satisfaction.Topic covered:

  • Strategies for developing and optimizing an email program
  • Proven tactics for increasing engagement
  • How to leverage social media to increase your reach
  • Content and testing refinements to improve opens and clicks
  • Factors that influence email reputation and deliverability
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Free Email Marketing Guide by MailChimp

Publish Date: 2001 with updates

Number of Pages: 65

What you are going to learn:

Don’t let the Monkey appearance kid you. This PDF has had over 100,000 downloads since the say it was written.

Over 65-page to covers all the basics for delivering bulletproof HTML emails. It’s perfect if you’re new to email marketing, and you want a crash course on everything.

Topic covered:

  • How do HTML emails work
  • Basic guidelines for designing HTML messages
  • Flash, Jave and other stuff
  • Anatomy of a good HTML email newsletter
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The ClickMail Marketing 2010 Guide to Choosing an ESP

Publish Date: January 2010

Number of Pages: 13

What you are going to learn:

19 important factors when it comes time to evaluating a Top Tier ESP.

Don’t let the the ninja factor scare you away. This guide is is the perfect primer for any newbee to understand what really sets ESP apart.

Topic covered:

  • How to choose an ESP
  • 19 factors to consider
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Technical consulting services
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The Ultimate Guide to Email by Blue Sky Factory

Publish Date: 2009

Number of Pages: 29

What you are going to learn:

A great guide for the newbee and the ninja and lets not forget the ninja in training. It covers everything from I know nothing to wow that’s a great idea.

Topic covered:

  • Putting together your first list
  • Pulling the trigger
  • Measurement
  • Testing
  • Frequency and deliverabilty
  • Integration
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Marketing Wisdom for 2010 by MarketingSherpa

Publish Date: 2010

Number of Pages: 34

What you are going to learn:

Not a serious read but more of a fun read from the folks at MarketingSherpa. Every year they ask their readers to submit small tips and share them in one of their only free publications. We think that if you applied any of the advice in this publication, you would be well on way to ninja status.

Topic covered:

  • Email
  • Social
  • Search
  • PR
  • Testing
  • Office Politics

Meet the author:

Jeff Ginsberg

Jeff Ginsberg

20+ year email marketing veteran who wants to help NewBees BEEcome eMail Marketing Ninjas. Want to contribute to our blog? We are always looking for eMail Marketing Ninjas to come share their knowledge and help NewBees create and send better eMail messages.

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