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5 quick email list building ideas by Janine Popick @janinepopick

5 quick email list building ideas by Janine Popick @janinepopick

Not long ago we featured a post about offering 15 innovative ways to build your email marketing list. Here’s five more quick ideas from Janine Popick of VerticalResponse!

It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas on new ways to build your email marketing list each month, so here are 5 innovative ideas you can put to work for your business.

1. Sandwich Board Picture 30– If you’ve got a retail location like The North Face (pictured), why not use that valuable sidewalk to advertise your newsletter sign up. Create an offer to get them in the store joining your list and you might make a sale along the way.

2. iPad – People are dying to the get their hands on an iPad these days so capitalize on it while the going is good. Offer a newsletter sign up at your location or event. Use an opt-in form to gather the email addresses. One of our customers Beth from Cinquain Cellars does this at her tasting room.

3. Receipts – While someone is signing their credit card receipt, why not ask them to include their email address on the receipt itself. Then at the end of the day, enter them into your account, and send them an email thanks for their purchase welcoming them to your list.

4. Networking – Set a goal for your networking events. Go to events and get 10-20 business cards and send them an email right away telling them it was a pleasure to meet them.

5. Give Privileged Access – Privileged access doesn’t have to only be “offer related” when it comes to giving something to your email newsletter subscribers. If you’ve got something that they want to see, then give them “subscriber only” access. If you’ve got a video feed, a white paper, or something special you can give access to, you can use that tactic to get more subscribers.

Takeaway: There’s no end to the different ways you can grow your email marketing list. Just take a look at what others are doing both online and in the real-world to grow their followers!

  • Profile:  Janine Popick is the CEO and founder of VerticalResponse (www.verticalresponse.com), a leading provider of self-service email marketing, online surveys, and direct mail services empowering small businesses to create, manage, and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. Janine is a columnist for Inc.'s Women in Business blog. In her spare time, Janine is VerticalResponse's Chief Executive Blogger for the VerticalResponse Marketing Blog for Small Businesses. Follow her on Twitter @janinepopick.
  • Website:  http://blog.verticalresponse.com/verticalresponse_blog/
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/janinepopick
  • LinkedIn:  
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  1. Great post, alway like new ideas, but I’m a little confused. According to the CANN-SPAM laws exchanging business cards is not considered permission to put them on your email lists. You can send them a personal email and ask them for permission. That’s what I do at my company where I teach comedy writing and performing. http://www.standupcomedyclinic.com

    Follow up right away and request persmission. It’s a nice touch, builds a rapport and shows respect for your prospect’s privacy.

  2. These are very innovative ideas to gather subscribers. I liked the point mentioned above, where we can collect business cards from people and let them know it was a pleasure to meet them. From there people can send invites to connect.

  3. great ideas. not many people think about using physical marketing to build their email lists. love the idea though!

  4. Hi Janine,
    Just wondering: did the sandwichboard really work? Are people really coming into a store to sign up for an email list? Why make the efford?

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, the sandwich board really works for some brick and mortar retail stores. The secret is to include a relevant offer on the sandwich board which would compel customers to sign up. To really seal the deal you should encourage employees to ask customers about joining the email list once they enter the store.

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