5 Tips to Take the Freak Out of Frequency by Remy Bergsma @remybergsma

5 Tips to Take the Freak Out of Frequency

Email marketing frequency is one of the most important factors in your campaigns. Some marketers send when they want or need to send the message out, and some others don’t know the preferences of their audience at all. In both cases they neglect the receiving end: how often does your audience want to receive your emails? No idea? Read on then. If you have an idea, there will probably still be some tips to squeeze the maximum out of your email campaigns.

1. Inquire

Make sure that you get to know when and how often your audience wants to receive your emails. Do it by offering this as a preference option at the subscribe form and/or at a preference center: make sure it’s not an obscure option but loud and clear. That way everyone can put their frequency preferences in and you can adjust your campaigns accordingly.

2. Segment

After the knowledge comes the application of that knowledge: putting all those numbers and preferences to work. If you could segment in three or four groups, you’re already on your way to delivering your messages better than before when you still sent out one single blast (sorry mr. Kordek). Depending on your audience, segments could include daily, weekly or monthly, but also a specific day or just workdays vs weekend.

3. Build and test

Build the campaigns and setup the mailing system according to the segments: see how many contacts fit in each ‘frequency zone’: be it daily, weekly or even monthly or one of the other options. Record it for future reference and comparison to frequency preference stats 3 months, 6 months and a year ahead. See it as a baseline from where you started, to look back to in the somewhat near or further future.

4. Adjust

No email marketing campaign is perfect, no segment setup is safe. After testing and sending out a couple of mailings, check up on the results. Adjust the program accordingly and make sure the right amount of content is sent the right amount of time: don’t fit 30 items in a newsletter nobody wants to read: make it 10 or 15 of the most important ones, for instance.

5. Follow up

Check back on how you did with the introduction or expansion of frequency prefs: how are the subscribers handling it? Any feedback, good or bad? Put it back into the email marketing campaign, your organization, your people. Everyone will benefit, especially the subscribers.

All in all, it will take some time and effort to implement this, but the results should be worth it as long as it is done well: both your company and your audience will be better off.

Takeaway: Email marketing is as much about listening as anything else. Find out how often your subscribers want to hear from you. Give them options and control.

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