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7 things Santa can teach us about email marketing

7 things Santa can teach us about email marketing

7 Things Santa Can Teach Us About Email Marketing

OK its fair for you to be asking yourself what the heck I’m going on about since Santa doesn’t do email marketing. Indeed, but considering I wrote
10 things Sesame Street can teach us about email marketing

5 things The Flintstones can teach us about email & social marketing, well, what do you expect?

Here’s some wisdom for email marketers from the jolly old elf himself!

7 things Santa can teach us about email marketing


Santa has been segmenting his list since day one. He’s got the naughty list and the nice list. And he checks it at least twice!


Excluding over enthusiastic parents, Santa’s list is 100 percent opt-in.


Santa’s clients (as every parent knows) are always convinced they will get what they expect from him.


Spammers are all on the naughty list.

List Hygiene

It’s vital because the naughty and nice lists need constant updating.

Subject lines are important

Can anyone top “Dear Santa” for a subject line?

A strong call to action
“Be good!” Beat that.

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  1. Santa can also teach us the importance of a good tagline. His current one is “Never Knowingly Undersnowed”, which followed the original “Chimneyz Meanz Giftz”.

    For more terrible ideas about the Santa Brand, you might enjoy flicking through our Santa Brandbook: http://bit.ly/santabrand

  2. 8: Timing
    Santa’s timing for delivering is impeccable. He always comes when looked for (ie xmas morning)

    9. Multichannel
    He’s everywhere!


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