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Abandoned Cart Emails, Not Abandoned Ship… Re-Engage! by Marco Marini @clickmail

Abandoned Cart Emails, Not Abandoned Ship… Re-Engage! by Marco Marini @clickmail

Abandoned Cart, Not Abandoned Ship… Re-Engage! by Marco Marini @clickmail

Email Marketing: Abandoned Cart Emails, Not Abandoned Ship… Re-Engage!

What happens when people leave your website? Is that it? Goodbye? Sayonara? Adios? Is it your loss… or your opportunity?

Many businesses have discovered that shopping cart abandonment can be an opportunity to re-engage people who were close to making a purchase but didn’t follow through.

These people are akin to the ultimate in warm leads. They’ve received your email, been to your website, and liked what they saw enough to get as far as the ecommerce shopping cart. They like something about what you’re selling. They just didn’t like it enough to complete the purchase, or maybe something called them away, or perhaps your privacy or shipping terms were unclear.

As far as the distractions of life, you can’t control what happens outside of the website, or people’s concerns about online shopping. You can, however, be sure your privacy terms are crystal clear and make the shipping costs obvious so no one suffers sticker shock at checkout.

As for the first factor–not liking what you’re selling quite enough to commit to buying it–that is the one factor you have the most control over. That’s when you use cart abandonment emails to win those people back to the cart and get them all the way through the purchase.

This abandonment usually happens at one of two stages:

  1. Shopping cart abandonment happens when people put something into their cart but don’t buy it.
  2. Checkout abandonment happens when people start the checkout process but don’t complete it.

Believe it or not, all is not lost, whether they’re abandoning the cart or the checkout. Well-written, well-timed automated emails can get these people re-engaged and back into the buying process, so they complete their orders.

I’ve seen multiple case studies demonstrating noteworthy ROI from cart abandonment emails. I’m sure much of the reason for the high success rate of such emails is their targeted and compelling nature. When someone receives an email, it usually refers to the very products they were only just considering—targeted—and offers some incentive for re-entering the buying process—compelling.

Are you ready to turn ‘abandons’ into opportunity? You’ll need to work with your ESP or in-house team to make cart abandonment emails a reality. Then work hard to craft engaging, dynamic content that’s going to get people’s attention and get them back to the cart. Use plenty of testing to find the message that’s just right for your business and each segment of your audience. For example, the person who abandoned the cart after putting in three dresses has different reasons for abandoning than the person who gets as far as the checkout and abandons while in the middle of paying for those three dresses. The more you know about your audience, the more targeted you can be in your messaging.

And therefore the more effective.

Takeaway: Clicking away doesn’t mean gone forever. This post tells you how to re-engage customers who abandon your site before buying with targeted and compelling email messages. Whether they left before buying or in the middle of it, learn why re-engagement emails might be just the way to win them back.


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