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Doing Nothing Is Still Doing Something, Right? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Doing Nothing Is Still Doing Something, Right? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Doing Nothing is Still Doing Something, Right? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Doing Nothing in Email Marketing Is Still Doing Something, Right?

The fine art of doing nothing sounds like the life of leisure. And so it doesn’t take a rhetorical master to spin the concept of nothing and turn it into something quite substantial. Lately, even email marketers have found the topic worthy of discussion. Are the inactive members of your address book tantamount to zero or potential opportunity? In the words of Shakespeare, “To be, or not to be, that is the question…”

Doing Nothing

Those members who receive your emails regularly but do not click, may not appear to read, and have not unsubscribed are easily classified as inactives. Some marketers might be advised to remove these names, the impact of which would certainly improve unique open and click-to-open metrics. Marketers would be better convinced to re-engage inactives via promotions and sweepstakes, or highly targeted marketing.

Ponder the thought that these inactive members of your address book are little sleeping giants keeping your business softly in their background until the moment is right at which time they buy, they click, they share, and your brand again becomes top-of-mind. These apparent slackers are simply opportunities for brand impression, and with a fatal stroke of suppression, you’ve removed the ability to keep your brand in their faces from now until eternity.

Doing Something

Reactivation campaigns targeting your non-engaged list segments (those that haven’t clicked a single link or opened a campaign in 6 to 12 months) help to separate loyal customers from the unemotionally subscribed.

Takeaway: A best recommendation would be to focus a smart reactivation campaign that re-engages inactives, testing content and subject lines and analyzing response rate, rather than removing or suppressing names from your address books.

Says Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx, a digital marketing agency with a 100% focus on email marketing, “Inactivity is normal activity… A strategy that relies on getting open rates higher rarely delivers more revenue. There’s no ROI in removing inactive names.”

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