Email interestability – how to make your email marketing more interesting by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Email Interestability

Email interestability – how to make your email marketing more interesting


Quick course in email persona’s
In my last post I first mentioned interestability, the fact that you should make your messages interesting. This is a part of email marketing often mentioned but, just as often forgotten. What if your email marketing message was a person? Let’s see who your email messages look like and if, as a person, you would find them interesting.

The most interesting person you have ever met
Look at your email marketing messages and imagine it’s a person. Yes, a normal person like you or someone you would meet on the street. Now add a face to that. Try to look into your email’s soul. Try to image what his/her passions are, his/her traits and his/her goals in life are. Probably you would end up with a character in mind. In marketing, this type of personification is called a ‘persona’. Not to be confused with the popular term personalisation.

You might not be the most popular guy in school
Have you imagined what kind of person your email messages are? Try again, but this time with a reality check. Most of us marketeers are seeing our emailings as if we were in love with them. Thinking it is the message we wanted it to be, instead of the message it really is. So take a good look at your last five messages. Ask some of your readers to tell you who they look like. You might end up seeing a whole different persona.

Best friend or distant cousin
What kind of persona is your email marketing message? It could be a salesperson or a freedom fighter; it could be your best friend or a distant cousin. It could be a pop-star or a (email marketing) nerd. Do you like who you see? Actually, it doesn’t really matter if you like it. It matters if your subscribers like it. Would they be able to talk with your email marketing persona for an evening? Would they love to have it over for dinner? A very important question if you want to build customer loyalty.

Interest ability, don’t end up alone
People can be interesting, boring or even irritating for a lot of reasons and so can your emailings. Your audience should want to listen to your email marketing persona. They should find your persona interesting enough to stay for a conversation. Some subscribers who are bored would say they were leaving (unsubscribe), while some would fake as if they needed to go to the washroom and never come back (mark as spam). Or easily just not listen while your persona is talking (non-opens).

Fact is that uninteresting people end up standing alone, not having a conversation at all and not being happy (unproductive marketing results). Some subscribers might try to help you and change the subject of conversation a few times. But in the end: if it isn’t interesting they won’t click….

Waiting in the cold, just to click
In the best case your subscribers would be anticipating to meet your monthly newsletter every month. As if they were sleeping outside in the cold just to get tickets to your rock star persona’s next show (your next mailing). Wouldn’t you like that? In reality of course, that may be only for a happy few companies (a goal worth shooting for in any case). Reality also is that not every conversation is as interesting as every other one. However, if there is a constant value in your email messages, you could develop a better customer relationship with your subscribers and your email marketing might have a high interestability.

Takeaway: Keep your email messages interesting and your subscribers will stay. It is an important step in realising your email marketing goals.

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Until next time!
Jordie van Rijn

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