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Email marketing advice from Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory

Email marketing advice from Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory

Email Marketing Insights from Greg Cangialosi, CEO of Blue Sky Factory

Email Marketing Insights from Greg Cangialosi, CEO of Blue Sky Factory

Jeff Ginsberg, Chief Email Officer of The eMail Guide, talks email marketing with Greg Cangialosi, CEO of Blue Sky Factory at the MarketingSherpa eMail Summit 2010 in Miami.


Blue Sky Factory is an email service provider with a combination of self service and full service solutions. Publicaster is BSF’s self serve solution but, they all so provide a full agency solution as well with client service managers, strategy, creative, all the way down to reporting, analytics and optimization. About 85 percent of their business is self serve and 15% is agency side.

Blue Sky Factory’s value proposition is to not lead with the technology. They feel a lot of the technology in this marketplace is being commoditized. Because of this they focus more on the client service relationship and making sure they are aligned with a client’s marketing goals, helping achieve those goals. They’ve introduced new tools and features such as the “Share With Your Network” and the “Social Subscribe” feature, which allows content that’s designed for the inbox to be shared with the social web, something relatively new for email.

Greg and Jeff also touch on the issue of  “CPM” and whether there is a devaluation of the service and technology with the continued commoditization of email marketing. Considering the rates of the postal service for direct marketing and the complete lack of any reporting, are we paying a fair rate for marketing via email? It’s a provocative discussion which should generate some thought on the subject.

From our POV here @ The eMail Guide, we’ve seen email marketing shops get very social and BSF has done a phenominal job is showing how social they can be.

Takeaway: It’s hard to differentiate on the technology side, so you have to compliment your offerings with services and make sure your customers become better marketers and that is a challenge.

Website: Blue Sky Factory
Blog: http://blog.blueskyfactory.com
Blog RSS: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/TheThinkingInbox
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/blueskyfactory
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Sky-Factory-Inc
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/companies/blue-sky-factory

  • Profile:  Jeff Ginsberg has 17+ years’ experience and is an industry known authority on email marketing who gets in the trenches with clients and helps them fulfill their marketing objectives, increase revenue and brand engagement. Clients rely on him and his team at The eMail Company to provide them with expertise from strategy to technology and from campaign management to channel integration. Jeff has worked with clients across all spectrums in the financial, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods space. His experience covers both B2B and B2C markets. He has a strong background in educating and training agencies and clients about email best practices and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing tools and vendor selection. While Jeff’s team may be small, they know how to solve BIG email marketing problems. Looking for help with your next campaign? Don’t be afraid to give him a call – Jeff and his team ready to help you today. Give me a call: Toll Free: 877-We-eMail (877-933-6245) Local: 416-225-7711 eMail: jeff@theemailcompany.com
  • Website:  http://www.theemailguide.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/theemailguide
  • LinkedIn:   http://ca.linkedin.com/in/chiefemailofficer
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Your thoughts here
  1. @Jeff – Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate it very much! We are really excited to be involved with the blog!

    @Garin – you hit the nail on the head! glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching. Thanks for your interest in our product offerings as well. If you want to learn more I would be happy to connect you with the right folks.

    Thanks again,

    Greg Cangialosi
    Blue Sky Factory

    • It’s great to have you, Nikki and DJ as part of out community here @ The eMail Guide Greg! The “sky” is the limit!


      Jim Ducharme
  2. Hey Greg…

    Loved doing the interview. Your insights and understanding of the digital space go far beyond email.

    When I think of Social Marketing your company bar far is at the top of the list.

    I appreciate the kind words and the fact that your team has taken a very active role on our blog.



  3. Three things I found especially interesting about this video are Greg’s thoughts that:

    1. 2010 is going to be the year of social acceleration.
    2. Email is the digital glue.
    3. Mobile is going to be huge.

    This video makes me very curious about the Blue Sky Factory product offerings that help socially syndicate and accelerate newsletter content.

    Blue Sky seems to me to be a socially savvy email marketing company and I am even following them on Twitter @blueskyfactory!

    • Hey Garin….

      I think they only way mobile will be huge is with the devise and not the transfer method.


      I think SMS is never going to amount to much due to the prohibitive delivery costs and the fact that it is so limited in the amount of information you can track.

      Many devices have email and now with Twitter and Facebook being so portable, SMS’s days are over in my mind.

      Anyone out there able to prove me wrong?


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