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Email Marketing and the Power of the Johnson Box by Kenny Van Beeck @Kvanbeeck

Email Marketing and the Power of the Johnson Box by Kenny Van Beeck @Kvanbeeck

Unleash the Power of The Johnson Box

Unleash the Power of The Johnson Box

Email Marketing and the Power of the Johnson Box

The Johnson box and email marketing, perhaps you don’t even see the potential if you’ve either never heard the term or associate it with direct marketing mail. However, as Kenny Van Beeck points out, email marketing can unleash the power the Johnson box. Here’s seven great tips on how to do that:

The Johnson box is the area that is exposed when opening your email. It’s the section you see in the preview pane. This space determines whether people keep on reading your email message or not.

Here are 7 easy-to-use tips to make that Johnson box work like hell.

1. Respect the 5-30 rule. You only have 5 seconds to convince your reader to keep reading your email for 30 seconds longer. Grab his attention in the Johnson box.

2. Include a crystal clear call-to-action. Tell the reader exactly what you want him to do:  read on, click, fill in a survey, buy something or register for an event.

3. Be sure to include several links that lead the reader straight into the email.

4. If possible, personalize your message.

5. Avoid image-only banners. Most people have disabled images in their email preferences.

6. Always use a top link referring to an online version of your email. It not only helps in case of technical difficulties, studies have also shown that PDA users tend to use this link.

7. In newsletters it’s wise to include bookmarks in your Johnson box, referring to the actual content of the email.

Takeaway: Use the power of a well-constructed Johnson box to drag your readers into the content of your email. It will keep their attention fixed to what you expect them to do.

What about you? How are you working that Johnson?

  • Profile:  Kenny Van Beeck is a certified Marketing Experiments Email Marketing professional and is past president of the Belgian IAB email marketing taskforce. Hi is a common blogger and speaker in the field of email marketing. Also known as the former editor of the EmailGarage weekly tipmail with more than 5000 readers. As email marketing consultant he worked for several international companies such as Unilever, Thomas Cook, 3M, Microsoft, … Kenny is owner and senior email marketing consultant of Etale.
  • Website:  http://www.etale.be
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/Kvanbeeck
  • LinkedIn:   http://be.linkedin.com/in/kennyvanbeeck
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  1. I like the 5-30 rule. Great tips Kenny, thanks! :)


  2. Another great post Kenny! I’m most familar with this term from direct marketing and web pages. I wonder if this information/inisght is something that in the past hasn’t creeped very far outside the creative department.


    Jim Ducharme
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