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#eMailRadio presents: The Git-r-done Show – How to get more done and stay organized

#eMailRadio presents: The Git-r-done Show – How to get more done and stay organized

eMailRadio - May 3 2011 - The Git-r-done show

eMailRadio Presents: The Git-r-done Show
Live at 1PM EST on Tuesday, May 3

Most businesses are inundated with the inevitable stuff that happens on a day-by-day and minute-by-minute basis. It can be a real struggle to plan, schedule, and stay organized to accomplish the results you want the most with the limited time you have.

The Git-r-done Show is to help all of us get and stay organized. Join us at 1PM EST to listen in, call, and participate as we share the tips, tricks, and tactics that work best to move stuff off the checklist on purpose.

Do you recognize these signs of the struggle?

• Information overload
• Ever-lengthening task lists
• Constant streams of news and requests
• Inbox filler that runs like a fire hose
• Essential items getting buried in the rest of the pile
• Missing (or barely making) important deadlines

Joining us this week Debby Dowling creator of Wedding Pro Newsletter

Debby Dowling Debby Dowling is the creator of Wedding Pro Newsletter, a biweekly newsletter and social media tool that automates your marketing so that you attract more brides, earn more money, and have more freedom…even if you don’t know a thing about marketing. Debby is a seasoned marketing professional with a focus on communications, branding, direct marketing, and both qualitative and quantitative market research.


Debby Dowling is the creator of Wedding Pro Newsletter, a biweekly newsletter and social media tool that geared toward wedding professionals. Wedding Pro Newsletter automates the marketing process so that the professionals can attract more brides, earn more money, and have more freedom… even if they don’t know a thing about marketing. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Debby teaches others how to make use of their time effectively and how to pick and stick with the perfect marketing strategy. Download her free report, “Nine Ways to Improve Your Marketing…and Make More Money in 2011” at www.WeddingProNews.com.

Here are her social media links if you would like to reference them:
• twitter – @debbydowling
• facebook – https://www.facebook.com/weddingpronewsletter
• blog – http://www.debbydowling.com

The Git-r-done Show is your opportunity to learn new ways from those who have mastered organizational strategies and lived to tell the tale.

If you are one of the masters – even the master of one tactic – please share the magic of your formula. Call in at 1PM EST to give and get from the eMail Guide community.

Have a favorite organizational trick or habit that you cultivate? Share it in advance and we’ll make sure to mention it on the show: eMailRadio@theemailguide.com.

Know a foolproof method for minimizing distractions? Clue us all in and the gratitude will flow freely. Call in or Skype 1-347-637-3461.

Do you have a method for keeping your top business priorities first and foremost on your to-do list? We all want to know, so call in or email your ideas!

Let’s show and tell till we Git-r-done!

CALL IN Tuesday at 1 PM EST and join our LIVE broadcast.

  • Profile:  Jeff Ginsberg has 17+ years’ experience and is an industry known authority on email marketing who gets in the trenches with clients and helps them fulfill their marketing objectives, increase revenue and brand engagement. Clients rely on him and his team at The eMail Company to provide them with expertise from strategy to technology and from campaign management to channel integration. Jeff has worked with clients across all spectrums in the financial, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods space. His experience covers both B2B and B2C markets. He has a strong background in educating and training agencies and clients about email best practices and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing tools and vendor selection. While Jeff’s team may be small, they know how to solve BIG email marketing problems. Looking for help with your next campaign? Don’t be afraid to give him a call – Jeff and his team ready to help you today. Give me a call: Toll Free: 877-We-eMail (877-933-6245) Local: 416-225-7711 eMail: jeff@theemailcompany.com
  • Website:  http://www.theemailguide.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/theemailguide
  • LinkedIn:   http://ca.linkedin.com/in/chiefemailofficer
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