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Fine Tuning that Station to Reach Real Listeners by Remy Bergsma @remybergsma

Fine Tuning that Station to Reach Real Listeners by Remy Bergsma @remybergsma

Email Marketing : Fine Tuning That Station

Fine Tuning that Station to Reach Real Listeners

In most classic marketing areas, actual marketing is broadcasting: one (or a few) to many. Take TV for instance. You buy airtime for about $100,000 or more and then you still have to come up with something. What do you say to an audience exceeding 100,000 people or even 1 million people? In 30 seconds or less, of course. The moment that such mass media marketing can really be personalized is still far away even though interactive TV is getting towards that point. These days though life is different: technology has finally matured enough to allow marketers to wield nearly unlimited control and power over content, timing, segmentation and way of delivery. All they need to do is push the right buttons and learn.

Why would anyone subscribe to your newsletter or weekly offers? Because the product is so great? Or maybe your logo and tag lines are funny and memorable? You serve your customers 24/7? All those do count, but it should be a primary goal to get someone actually interested in a product or service and then expand on that interest and provide content that is relevant. Why would you waste time and money sending information to people who are not interested in it upfront? That’s starting while being behind and that’s a tough position to be in.

To get people interested upfront marketers should start as early as possible with registering those interests from people subscribing anywhere. This should be done of course with a loud and clear description what will be done with this knowledge: privacy when handled well shouldn’t be a problem, both for organizations and for people alike. What will the subscriber receive, how often and in which form? If you are at or have passed that point you already have some bonus points available: you know what the subscriber wants, and hopefully how often too (read this on frequency if you haven’t already).

The point I’m getting to is this: if people are actually interested in the stuff you’ll be sending them, the ‘barrier’ of opening, clicking, ordering, downloading or doing whatever you want them to do is much thinner than when it’s just a general send-to-all mailing. Chances are (much) bigger your mailing will be succesful, maybe even beyond the most positive projected results. That should be something that makes the CEO and CFO happy: over-delivering on an already very promising and proven marketing channel which is email.

Takeaway: Get ready to target your audience with email: if you’re still sending ‘to all’ it’s time to change strategies and go for profiled content. This will benefit all results positively.

  • Profile:  Professionally trained multimedia producer turned email marketing specialist, having 4 years of experience in the Dutch email marketing business working at an ESP (Blinker). Areas of interest include email design, end user experience and campaign management. Very community and people minded. Personally sports, photography, music and movies keep me busy.
  • Website:  http://www.blinker.nl
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/remybergsma
  • LinkedIn:   http://nl.linkedin.com/in/remybergsma
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