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FISA: Canadian anti-spam law compliance guide for marketers by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

FISA: Canadian anti-spam law compliance guide for marketers by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

FISA : Canadian Anti-Spam Law Compliance Guide For Marketers

The Fighting Internet & Wireless Spam Act of Canada (FISA, Bill C-28) is wending it’s way through the legislative process in Canada.

Canada may be late to the game of anti-spam legislation, but bill C-28 is a game-changer for bad senders and spammers. FISA got a partial second reading in the House of Commons last week and reports are that the bill could make it into law early next year.

In anticipation of the new law, Thindata 1:1 partnered with, Return Path, the law offices of Kris Klein, and The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE North America), to produce an invaluable ‘how-to’ document:

The Marketer’s Guide to Applying FISA: How to Leverage Canada’s Newest Internet Law is now available.

This guide premiered at The Messaging Anti-abuse Working Group general meeting held last week in Washington D.C.

The guide offers clear advice on how to become compliant with the Canadian law, including a comprehensive set of cross-references to CAN SPAM, and suggestions to optimize your campaigns while leveraging FISA.

Grab a copy of the guide, available now

  • Profile:  Matt Vernhout is ThinData’s Director, Delivery and ISP Relations responsible for maintaining industry-leading deliverability rates. Matthew is an industry advocate by actively contributing to international marketing and email-related associations including the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group and the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email. He also participated on the Canadian Federal Government’s Anti-Spam Taskforce. He speaks authoritatively about email marketing, deliverability and ISPs. For each topic, Matthew is well-versed on the leading trends, tools, techniques, risks and opportunities.
  • Website:  http://www.emailkarma.net
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/emailkarma
  • LinkedIn:   http://ca.linkedin.com/in/mvernhout
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