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Five ways to feature a customer in your marketing by Janine Popick @janinepopick

Five ways to feature a customer in your marketing by Janine Popick @janinepopick

Five Ways to Feature a Customer in Your Marketing

We’ve been having some really good luck in our marketing campaigns at VerticalResponse when we feature a customer. It’s always great to have customer testimonials, since the best way to sell your product or service is to have your customers do it for you.

Here are 5 ways you can use customer testimonials to grow your business.

1. Facebook page – If you market to consumers, every week post a customer’s testimonial or if they own a business try posting a link to their website with their testimonial. If they comment or “like” you for doing this, you’ll be in front of all of their friends too.

2. Blog – Every month or so, why not feature one of your customers on your blog. Feature them saying something nice about your business. If they run a business, make sure you feature their URL as well.

3. Email marketing – We’re having some fun featuring our customers in our newsletter. We like to do that to help them grow, and in return they forward the emails to their friends. This way, we get in front of more potential customers.

4. Online community – Feature one of your community members who are actively participating in conversations in your online forums and posts. They may tell all of their friends to check out their feature and you’ll get your business in front of more people.

5. Your website – Publish a different testimonial in each page of your site. It’s a great way to show the depth of your customer base, not to mention, if you’ve got a lot of different types of customers chances are that a prospect will identify with one.

And a lot of your customers won’t mind being featured either. Are you using customer testimonials?

Takeaway: Reach out to enthusiasts! They are the real “influencers”.

Website: http://blog.verticalresponse.com/verticalresponse_blog/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/janinepopick

  • Profile:  Janine Popick is the CEO and founder of VerticalResponse (www.verticalresponse.com), a leading provider of self-service email marketing, online surveys, and direct mail services empowering small businesses to create, manage, and analyze their own direct marketing campaigns. Janine is a columnist for Inc.'s Women in Business blog. In her spare time, Janine is VerticalResponse's Chief Executive Blogger for the VerticalResponse Marketing Blog for Small Businesses. Follow her on Twitter @janinepopick.
  • Website:  http://blog.verticalresponse.com/verticalresponse_blog/
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/janinepopick
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  1. Hey,

    This is a really helpful list of strategies. Customer testimonials do helo a business a lot as they attract others people and help them build trust with your product.

    Thanks for sharing this article. I really liked it.

  2. Using customer feedback to not only help extend your brand but give credibility to it paramount when using social media. Social media is a great tool to use help reach those enthusiasts. However I personally would not as the brand be the one posting the testimonials, I think trying to draw them out of your followers/fans give added depth and more credibility to your promotion. Using call outs to request customer feedback often times will result in unprecedented response and gives the user a sense of control when they are reviewing your product/service. This could be used in blogs as well near the end just asking for comments. Using testimonial on your website with a different one on each page is a great idea to use. This is a great list of ways to increase customer interaction with the brand.

  3. Testimonials show customers that real people are enjoying the product. Basically they are doing the promoting for you. Thanks for sharing this list.

    • Hi Michael!

      Agreed! User reviews, comments and testimonials are gold and should be shared. I often hear people say they are worried about negative comments or reviews but, online communities are like water – they find their own level. Negative reviews/comments either are balanced by other more positive ones or if the majority are negative, you have a good indication you need to change something.

      Even a negative can be a positive if your response is to provide a clear path to a resolution. People are very interested in how we deal with this kind of thing and resolve conflicts.


      Jim Ducharme
      • Also with negative reviews they give credibility to the brand. I wish I still had this article but basically it showed how a company with 100% positive reviews actually hurts sales because customers didn’t believe they could possibly have 100% good reviews. But shows a lot for a brand when they comment back on the negative review and try to resolve that issue.

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