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How Salesy Should Your Email Newsletter Be? by Janine Popick @janinepopick

How Salesy Should Your Email Newsletter Be? by Janine Popick @janinepopick

How Salesy Should Your Newsletter Be?

How Salesy Should Your Email Newsletter Be?

If you’ve got a regular email marketing newsletter that you email to your customers, chances are you might be trying to sell something. That’s OK, but placing content around your offering could be the best thing to help you sell your products or services in your newsletter.

People like to read “news” in newsletters. A newsletter implies that you’ve got something to say, more than just selling. This is where content can come into play to back up your sales promotions.

Some companies that sell to businesses give free white papers and guides in a newsletter, and it’s all content to support their message.

The Girl and The Fig Restaurant in Sonoma does a great job including content in their “Figbits” newsletter” (click to see the full version). Let’s take a look through each section of their newsletter and outline why it’s good.

Picture 29

SALES – They highlight their Mother’s Day Brunch. Judging from the placement at the top of their email newsletter this is what is the most important thing for them.

CONTENT – They included a story in their newsletter of two of their employees who represented them and demonstrated their cooking at an event in Tennessee. They’ve got some great photos and a menu of the event.

SALES – They’re selling passes for an upcoming event where they’ll be the featured restaurant.

SALES + CONTENT – They feature a retailer that sells their food about 3 hours away. They tell a nice story about how the retailer started and what food they sell at their retail location from the Girl and the Fig, followed by links on how to purchase direct or where to find retailers.

SALES – They introduce 2 new mustards that will be coming soon and ask their readers to suggest to their favorite stores to carry their products.

CONTENT – They wish two employees a happy anniversary at Girl and the Fig.

SALES – They highlight some of their press and link to events they’ll be participating in.

Takeaway: The next time you send out a newsletter insert some content that relates to what you sell, and see what link gets clicked on and then track your sales. Content might just be the thing your newsletter needs to boost your own sales.

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  • Website:  http://blog.verticalresponse.com/verticalresponse_blog/
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/janinepopick
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