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Hubspot – How to Use Email to Re-Engage Sleepy Subscribers

Hubspot – How to Use Email to Re-Engage Sleepy Subscribers

By: Hubspot

As an email marketer, you already know you’re losing about 25% of your email list every year. It happens; people lose interest in your company, change email addresses, unsubscribe — it’s all part of the email marketing game. But what if there was something you could do to re-engage some of those subscribers who actually are still interested in your company, but have just suffered a case of inbox overload?

The way to do it is through an email re-engagement campaign, and it’s a pretty simple process once all the steps are broken down, your list segmentation parameters are set, and your content is created. This post will walk you through why email re-engagement campaigns are crucial to your email marketing program’s success, and exactly how you can implement one for yourself.

Why Email Re-Engagement Campaigns are Important

Before we dive in to the steps for implementing an email re-engagement campaign, I want to make sure it’s clear why a re-engagement campaign is a good best practice to include in any email marketing program. People on your email list could become inactive for a number of reasons (which we’ll discuss in more detail in the next section of this post):

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