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Litmus – 3 Steps to Successful Subscriber Reengagement

Litmus – 3 Steps to Successful Subscriber Reengagement

By: Litmus

Relationships with your subscribers begin just like any other—with a pretty exquisite honeymoon period.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, new subscribers get excited about whatever you send their way. They blush when you surprise them at work with a “just for you” discount. They anxiously check the time when your newsletter is ten minutes late. Your personalization techniques make them smile, prompting a forward to their friends: “They really get me!”

As time passes, interest tends to wane. Another coupon code? Meh. 30 more photos of cute cats? Yawn. A newsletter full of untargeted content? Really?

Not to worry! Just because the initial spark is gone doesn’t mean you have to grow apart. Through strategic reengagement campaigns, you can remind subscribers that you’re unforgettable (because that’s what you are).

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