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New Report: Email is Key for Australian Content Marketers by Kelly Newbery @vision6

New Report: Email is Key for Australian Content Marketers by Kelly Newbery @vision6

New Report: Email is Key for Australian Content Marketers by Kelly Newbery @vision6

New Report: Email is Key for Australian Content Marketers

Australians have embraced content marketing more so than their North American peers, according to the first Content Marketing in Australia report.

The report is a joint effort from the Content Marketing Institute and the Association for data-driven marketing and advertising and presents some interesting findings for Australian marketers – many of which support the key role of email.

Content is the cornerstone of email marketing.

Firstly, 96% of Australian marketers are using content marketing and on average use 12 content marketing tactics.

The 3rd most popular tactic is email newsletters. This just reinforces that content really is an important part of email marketing.

Although it is essential you have clean databases, good deliverability and visually pleasing email design, content is what will draw your reader in and keep them coming back for more.

It is worth noting that e-newsletters are just one of many e-messaging platforms. Another great platform for carefully crafted content is autoresponders. One of the best things about autoresponders is that they don’t take long to set up but return a really high reward. Check out 5 reasons to use email autoresponders to get the ball rolling.

Top tips to improve your content marketing

The report identified a profile of best-in-class content marketers in Australia. From this I have drawn out a couple of tips to improve content marketing in your emails:

  • Use a variety of content marketing tactics and integrate them with each other; for example, use e-newsletters, product releases and SMS
  • Use more social media platforms and encourage people to share your e-messaging across multiple platforms. This is also a great way to grow your list.
  • Personalise your content (the report found on average 92.5% of Australian marketers already do this – well done!)

The reason why we do it

Overall, Australian marketers cite brand awareness as their top content marketing goal, closely followed by engagement.

But as most of you already know, producing engaging, relevant content isn’t always easy and it can be very time consuming. In fact, 71% of marketers in Australia believe they are ineffective at content marketing. If this is you, then check out our 20 ideas to inspire your next email newsletter  to try and make tackling content a little easier.

These ideas are the starting point for creating great content, but there is a lot more to it. What do you find most difficult when it comes to emails and content marketing? Please share any thoughts you have below.

Takeaway: Email marketing is the third most popular content tactic for Australian marketers. This highlights that content really is the cornerstone of email marketing; the two go hand in hand.

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