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Return Path – 7 Reasons Your Open Rates Are Declining

Return Path – 7 Reasons Your Open Rates Are Declining

7 Reasons Your Open Rates Are Declining

By: Return Path

It’s a known fact that, over time, a subscriber will typically become less and less engaged with your brand’s emails, and your list will suffer from list fatigue.  There are many reasons that this can occur, ranging from subscribers not recognizing your emails in their inboxes, to your subject lines and content not exciting them anymore, to subscribers no longer trusting your brand.  Below, I’ve listed seven of these reasons, and what you can do to turn things around and increase your open rates.

1. Unrecognizable From Name
The From line is one of the first things a subscriber will see when your email appears in their inbox.  It’s important to keep your From line consistent and recognizable to subscribers.  I’ve seen brands use different From lines for each type of email, which may make sense to the brand, but not to the subscriber.  For example, maybe you are using “Jane Doe, CEO” (info@acme.com) for your welcome emails, newsletters come from “Acme Brand XYZ” (marketing@xyz.com), and transactional emails come from “Acme Alert” (do-not-reply@trx.acme.com).  Do you see how that might be confusing to a subscriber?  Sticking with a consistent From line, whether it be a company or brand name, will help subscribers to identify your emails in their inboxes and understand immediately who each is from, which will make subscribers feel much more comfortable opening your emails.

2. Uninspired Subject Lines
The subject line is your first chance to really grab your subscriber’s attention and draw them in, and you have just a few seconds to do so.  Your subject line should grab that attention immediately and entice subscribers to open, read, and act upon your emails.  If you have a boring, non-actionable subject line, subscribers are more likely to pass your email by and move on to the next email in their inbox.  Make sure you are getting the opens you deserve by making your subject lines actionable and enticing.  Move the keywords to the front of your subject lines so those words aren’t truncated in mobile devices.  Test different subject line lengths and also test using your brand/company name in the subject line to see what resonates best with your subscribers.

3. Deliverability Issues
If you’ve noticed a drop in your open or click rates, a deliverability issue could be to blame.  If your emails are being delivered to your subscribers’ junk folders, it becomes much more likely that they won’t even see your emails, let alone open and read them, since many people never check their junk folders.  In order to ensure your emails are being delivered to the inbox, it’s important that you keep your IP and domain reputation squeaky clean, send to a list of active, engaged subscribers, and keep your complaint rate, unknown user rate, and spam trap hits low.  To check the health of your IP, use Return Path’s free Sender Score tool.  Not sure if your emails are being delivered to the inbox or junk folder?  Return Path’s Inbox Monitor tool can help with that – learn more here.

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