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Tips for Taking Your Product to More Customers… by Darrell Martin

Tips for Taking Your Product to More Customers… by Darrell Martin

Tips for Taking Your Product to More Customers with Mass Mailing Services by Darrell Martin

Tips for Taking Your Product to More Customers….

If you have been selling an array of products online for awhile, it’s likely that you will want to expand your customer base. You’ve done all of the social media tips and tricks you can manage, but you feel that something a bit more personal is in order. Well, mass mailings are the next stop. What are some considerations to keep in mind when utilizing this technique? Read on to find out!


When you’re going to send out mass mailings, you want to be sure that people agree to them. Initially, it might sound like an excellent idea to just find a bunch of email addresses and send the letters and advertisements out to them. However, many people will simply delete the emails. In fact, they might never see them because your message is immediately sent to the spam box.

Target Audiences

Going in tandem with the idea of being accepted is finding a specific audience. For example, let’s say that you sell baking supplies. A great approach would be to seek out a sister site that sells cooking supplies and ask if you could set up a subscription to your newsletter (you’ll be expected to pay for this). As a result, a specific audience has been selected. Not only will these people be more inclined to sign up for the newsletter in the first place, they will also be more likely to purchase your items, since they are actually interested in them.

Don’t be Spammy

Another surefire way to turn people away from your products is to send out multiple emails several times per day. In all honesty, even one email per day is too much. Cater to your audience and your audience’s needs. Perhaps you want to offer a daily deal program for a week just to capture their attention. Gauge how much people use the deals and how frequently they visit the website, and then you will have a better idea of how often to send out a mass mailing. Try to make the emails clearly written and utilize proper spelling and grammar. The recipients will appreciate it.

Offer An Out

No one wants to be locked into receiving emails from one company for a lifetime. Therefore, when people sign up, make it clear that they can opt out of receiving the emails at any time. Studies have shown this is the best way to attract subscribers – they do so because they know it’s not binding, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever unsubscribe.


Even if you follow every trick and tip in the book, it might still be hard to get all the subscribers you want. So, offer an incentive – nothing huge, but still something that readers will notice. For instance, signing up for the listserv can get them 10% off their first purchase, or access to new deals they won’t find elsewhere (but be sure to follow up on this so that people don’t start blocking you after a few emails with nothing to show).

Takeaway: Increase your customer base with proper sign-up agreements, selection of target audience, optimizing email frequency, offering an easy unsubscribe option and giving incentives to subscribe.

Darrell Martin is a graduate of the University of Iowa. He majored in international business and economics. He currently works as a freelancer, sharing his expertise on topics such as business, marketing and more. His favorite original piece is on the Top 10 Must See TED Talks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

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