Subject Lines for B2B Email Marketing that Work by Janine Popick @janinepopick

VerticalResponse offers 29 great B2B email marketing subject lines that work

Subject Lines for B2B Email Marketing that Work

When I wrote a blog post about the top 50 retail subject lines you can use for email marketing recently, one of the readers of The eMail Guide asked if I had any examples of B2B subject lines that work. With a business-to-business offering, you might be trying with your copy writing to get your customers to sign up for a free trial, get them to an event, a webinar or give them information on how to be better at something or use your products or services better.

Below, and at my VerticalResponse blog, I have blogged about 29 great B2B subject lines for email marketing, which you can test out for your business today.

Sample Subject Lines:

  1. How to Leverage [your product] in Your Business
  2. Save Money and Look Like a Star to Your Boss
  3. How to Impress Your Cranky CFO – Save $1000
  4. Increase Your ROI by [xx]%, Guaranteed
  5. How to make it onto your buyer’s short list
  6. Complimentary Webinar: [insert webinar name]
  7. Now you can do even more with your [xxxx]
  8. Should your company outsource [insert thing to outsource here]?
  9. Breakfast & Secrets for How to [insert problem you solve or product you sell]
  10. Success Tip: 5 Ways to a Better [xxxx]
  11. Register Today: [inert name of event] Nov. 5 2009
  12. Entry deadline fast approaching
  13. New White Paper: Best Practices for [Insert problem and solution here]
  14. Success Tip #1: [Insert Tip Headline Here]
  15. A gift employees and clients will love: [Insert gift name here]
  16. Extended for a Day: Get Free Shipping Through Friday
  17. Your Weekly Alert: [insert topic here]
  18. Hear Exclusive Research Presented on [insert what your event is about] – Register Now!
  19. Inside: [hot topic in your newsletter you think will get the most opens]
  20. 5 Ways to Maximize Holiday Sales
  21. Save $200: [insert event here] Early Bird Registration Ends [insert date here]


Here’s some specific subject lines I like, and why I think they’re great:

22. Marketing on a Tight Budget – Part 1 –
This subject line hits a pain point and makes it seem like there is even more information to help me, on its way.

23. Countdown to the Awards Gala: Reason #5 to Attend –
This company did a series of 7 email campaigns in a row, to get people excited.

24. The Venture Capitalist Industry Isn’t Broken: VatorNewsletter –
Here they started with the hot topic in the front of the subject line and it was somewhat controversial.

25. Secure Your SaaS Application (White paper Included) –
I like that they tell you there is something tangible in it for you right in the subject line.

26. Cognos Training: 50% Discount – Year-End Budget –
I LOVE the way they use Year End Budget because in many companies if you don’t spend the budget you have this year, you won’t get it again next year. This also works well with “Quarter-End Budget”

27. Thank You From Dice –
This was just a nice thank you for your business with a huge discount to get customers coming back.

28. Get a $30 Gift Card for 30 Minutes of Your Time –
It was to take a demo of a new product.

29. Frustrated with Graphics in Microsoft Office? –
This company sells a product to make it all better and they got to a real pain point for people.

Takeaway: Subject lines are so important since it’s the reason your recipients are going to look to that to decide if they want to open your email. If you’ve got some B2B subject lines that have worked for you in the past, comment on the post, we’d love to hear about them!

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    March 23, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Thanks for the subject line insight. I’ll keep these in mind as I think of the subject line for this months edition of The eMail Guide Newsletter!

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    March 22, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    That is a really good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very precise info… Thanks for sharing this one.

    A must read post!

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