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Zoho – Tricks & Treats: 5 ways to sweeten your email marketing

Zoho – Tricks & Treats: 5 ways to sweeten your email marketing

By: Zoho

While Halloween is by tradition the scariest day on the calendar, it’s also the official transition into the holiday season. For many businesses, keeping in close touch with customers and leads during the holidays is crucial, and sending frequent email campaigns is often the best way to communicate.

Prepare yourself for a great holiday season by pulling off these 5 tricks for a seamless email marketing campaign. Because even on a day like this, planning your campaign strategy doesn’t have to be scary!

Trick 1: Maintaining a clean mailing list

Keeping all of your mailing lists up-to-date and supplied with only the most relevant subscribers can be a daunting task. Here’s how to control your subscribers and ultimately increase your campaign success rates:

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