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So, you are just getting your feet wet in eMail marketing and you know what you want to say, right? However, how you say something (present it) is just as important as what you say. You need a snappy layout for your campaign but, you are not a graphic designer – what do you do? You come to us here at The eMail Guide and we find you solutions!

A template is only half the battle
You still need an eMail service provider to send out your eMails. We strongly suggest that you do NOT use an option such as Outlook and here’s why. If you need a free ESP, check out this post!

Free templates
The following templates are free to use and don’t require you to sign up for demo or login to a site to download them. Before you use them, make sure you read the included text file to be sure you are in compliance with their usage/copyright agreement.




Campaign Monitor

ESPs offer free templates
Many eMail service providers offer free templates with their services. Often, you can try them out as part of your demo of their service. There are advantages to that solution because the templates are integrated with the service so, basically all you have to worry about is the text content and any graphics (such as logos or product shots) you want to include. Also, templates from an ESP you have an account with will likely be tested and certified to display correctly in different eMail clients.

We’ll cover that in a separate post.

Have we missed any? Post em!

Looking for something custom? Check out our friends at StyleCampaign!

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