How to Create Emails That Sell (without scaring away your customers) by Kelly Newbery @vision6

How to Create Emails That Sell (without scaring away your customers) by Kelly Newbery @vision6

How to Create Emails That Sell (without scaring away your customers)

Would you like to sell more with every email you send, but worry about coming across as a desperate salesperson?

Well you’re certainly not alone. Many small business owners struggle with this. They fear coming across as too pushy and scaring their customers away. But your business depends on making sales in order to survive, so it’s really important to learn how to create emails that sell, without sounding desperate or pushy.

I’d like to share with you some tried and tested tactics that some of the best marketers use to create emails that sell. And don’t worry, they won’t make your emails seem like the aggressive door-to-door salesmen we all try to avoid.

Use testimonials and case studies to build trust.

By including customer testimonials or case studies you build credibility with your readers. This approach demonstrates that your goods are worth being purchased, without the cheesy sales pitch.

Tip: Remember to always get your customers’ permission before quoting them in your emails (or anywhere for that matter).

Solve a problem for your customer.

Don’t dive straight into your latest deal or promotion. But rather, set the scene for the email by acknowledging your customers’ problem or pain point.

Once you’ve got them on board and have gained their trust, then you can introduce the solution (your product or service).

Tip: One way to do this is to tell a story. Storytelling is an effective way to engage your readers and hold their interest.

Add a sense of urgency to your emails.

The best way to do this is to add an end date to your promotion. Or to limit the number of stock available. This gives your customers a very good reason to act on your email today.

Tip: If you use this approach, stick to what you say. People will get frustrated if every sale is extended or if more stock is always found. Doing that can damage the relationship you’ve built with your customers.

Make sure you have a clear call-to-action.

Tell your customers what you want them to do. You need to give them the option to buy from your email and the way to do this is with a call-to-action.

Make your call-to-action obvious, prominent and clear. Then make it easy for your customers to complete the call-to-action.

Tip:  Consider using landing pages to make it a one-step process for your customers to buy from you.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If your products or services lend themselves to imagery then make the most of it in your emails. Include eye-catching images that help to tell your story. If you need to edit your images, check out these free online editors.

Tip: Be wary of stock photos. This is a great opportunity to showcase products and services, not use the same old stock photo as every man and his dog.

Use key messaging in your emails.

Don’t be afraid to repeat your key message throughout your email. In an ideal world people would read every single one of your lovingly crafted sentences; in the real world they skim emails.

A clever way to repeat your key message without boring your reader to tears is to use different angles such as the ones outlined above and tell a story, use a case study or analogy.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with your repetition (that’s a surefire way to come across as salesy). Your readers’ time is precious so don’t waste it.

Armed with these tactics you can feel confident about using emails to sell your goods. I’d love to know what tactics you use to sell in your emails. Share your ideas in the comments below.

Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to sell in your emails (after all that’s one of the main reasons businesses use email marketing); just make sure you avoid coming across as a pushy door-to-door salesperson.

Meet the author:

Kelly Newbery

Kelly Newbery

Kelly Newbery is the Marketing Specialist at Australian email marketing software company Vision6 where she contributes regularly to the Vision6 blog. She is passionate about e-messaging and actively works to inform, educate and promote all things email marketing to both clients and non-clients.

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