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Editor’s note: Mathew Parente of Aperio Marketing has embarked on a mission to make collaborative calendars a lot less painful to manage. We asked Mathew to give us the low down on his new venture, Hubvine.

If your job requires you to promote events, we feel your pain. We’ve been in your shoes and decided we could make that part of the job a lot easier. Specifically, we’ve addressed two areas of frustration:

  • updating the organization’s website.
  • getting the event listed in community calendars.

Updating websites a snap

If you’re using something like Google Calendar to display your organization’s events on your website, you probably have come to the realization that it’s only a partial solution. Google Calendar works fine as a display calendar, but it breaks down as a marketing tool to support and promote events.

Just like Google Calendar, Hubvine offers a free embeddable calendar you can place on virtually any website, 3 display options for your calendar: month, week, or list, and an easy-to-use web application, allowing you to update your events without having to call your web developer to make updates to your site.

Unlike Google Calendar, Hubvine provides more robust support for your events, including a marketing-designed landing page for each of your events, including links to the event location and registration, opportunities to add your own logo and sponsor logos on your landing page, and a unique way to promote your events through community calendars.

Community calendars: No extra forms, no copy and pasting, no problem

One PR professional we spoke with described the process of submitting events to community calendars as “bordering towards soul-sucking.” Frankly, it’s just as tedious and frustrating to those that host community calendars as it is for those that submit content.

Our goal at Hubvine is to make this process a lot less soul-sucking – for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of how things will be better:

The Old Way: For event promoters, you know the drill: Write several variations of your event description, summary, etc. to meet with various calendars’ requirements on character counts and other formatting needs. Fill out a web-form or email someone. When you have to edit your event (change a speaker, alter the agenda, etc.), you either have to go through that process all over again or choose to go with your old content.

Community managers usually copy-and-paste content from their email or web submissions, then have to re-format the content to display properly on their website. Multiply that process by the number of submissions they get and you get a feel for how much time and effort is wasted on tasks that can now be automated.

The Hubvine Way: Create your event once in Hubvine, then publish it to your website and any other community calendars you have permission to publish to. No extra forms to fill out, no copy-and-pasting, no re-working content to abide by various character counts. When your content needs to get updated, just update the content in Hubvine, and push it back out to all the calendars you previously published to.

Community managers get a simple moderation queue to approve and deny events to publish on the calendar. It’s as simple as that.

Check us out at – we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Mathew Parente
Matthew Parente

When Matthew received his degree in anthropology, he soon realized its pragmatic value in the business world. Over the last decade, Matthew used his skills to help companies and non-profit organizations discover their authentic stories and create communities that helped foster strong relationships and brand loyalty. He is the president and founder of Aperio Marketing, an email marketing consultancy, and is a co-founder of Hubvine. Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, running, good food, and coaching youth sports.

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